Tuesday, June 5, 2012

what an hour alone can do to you

I have no idea what came over me. I was at the library by myself. This is a rarity. Usually the whole family does the library trip together. But not this day....I was there alone. When I am checking out books at the library the usually fall under one of these two categories.  Something to inspire my creative sensibilities or something to inspire my taste buds.  I am not, nor ever have been, a huge book reader. In high school I was in advanced English and we had to read so many books that my eyeballs wanted to falll out. I think because of that experience reading has always been a stressful exercise rather than a relaxing one. I always find myself trying to read faster and faster (which I usually can) and this is probably because of my hs days. Therefore, when I sit down to read a book I feel like my mind and eyes are reeling as I attempt (and often do) to read the entire book in one or two sittings...which is not relaxing.

I also am not a huge fan of reading fiction. This may surprise some of you because I am a lover of the imaginary world. I would almost always choose non-fiction over fiction. The majority of books (outside of the previously listed categories) I have chosen to read in my life are autobiographies or biographies. I love the chance those types of books give you at peering into another's life and experiencing their choices, their careers, their truimphs and failures.

Anyway, back to the library. I would 9 times out of 10 choose to watch a movie over read a book. I did minor in theater in college and have a deep, deep love and respect for acting so that has a lot to do with it. Along with that is the whole high school reading experience, not an enjoyable one. It puts an impression on you. English teachers out there...are you listening?? How can you make someone love to read when you are forcing them to read things so quickly that they are not able to mull (in the best sense) over the pages and characters??!!

Sorry...back to the library...again. I was wrapping up my time there and  grabbed some movies to take home. If you must know what I grabbed, they were a documentary on Irish dancing (I seriously cannot wait to watch this), an episode of Deadliest Catch (which I think I might be over it already....either too stressful or too dull) and a documentary called Fork over Knife...I grabbed this one solely because I love shows that revolve around food. As I was checking out I noticed a small flyer.

Slightly intrigued...and since I was without children, I relished the moment of taking my sweet time and flipped the flyer over.

Umm...you had me at gift card!! I intentionally made eye-contact with the librarian (a first) and was told to head over to the other desk to register. Register, I thought, this is getting a bit official. But I was in a daring mood and why not? The woman at the desk handed me this menu that laid out what one was to be reading.

 It seemed doable. I signed my name and figured, what have I got to lose? If I do not read a single book no one will know or care. So there I was, all signed up for a reading program.  Now, I do plan to attempt to read some books. I even grabbed Animal, Vegetable, Miracle (because my sister said it was a fun/inspiring book on food) and an autobiography about Edith Head. I love that woman and all of her designs in the old movies...so I am sure I will enjoy reading about her life. Anyhow...I wanted  you to know I did this. I did something totally uncharacteristic of myself and I am excited about it. Now I dare you to do the same!! And when you do, let me know what it is. Now, to read a chapter or two....or maybe go to bed. Hmmmmmm.

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Angela said...

So proud of you, Abby! Lol. I love reading, always have. This makes me wish I had a Wheaton library card. Keep us posted on your summer reading.