Friday, June 22, 2012

push-ups and popsicles

I was pushing my shopping cart through the frozen food aisle tonight and realized my children have never had a popsicle of any kind. What kind of mom was I that I had never gotten my children any...? In hopes to rectify the situation quickly, I grabbed two boxes of frozen delights on a stick and brought them to the checkout line. I tried to excite them once back in the car by telling them what popsicles are like. Have you ever tried to explain them?? It is not really easy and sounds kinda strange and least the way I did it. I didn't stress over it since I knew that once they had their first lick the "mommy's description" portion of their brain would be wiped clean.

Once home we decided the best place for novice popsicle eaters to be was in the backyard. I sat down and watched as they licked their treats. Judah looked at his after a few licks and then knowingly said to Isabelle, "Don't eat that part Belle (pointing to the stick) that part is to hold it up...that part is not for eating." I had to laugh. I love that in his sweet little never-had-a-popsicle-before mind, that was necessary information to share.

After the standard popsicle we upgraded to push-ups...had they been the orange creamy kind I grew up eating you better believe I too would have partook...but they were strawberry-lemonade flavored and I could barely handle the sweetness of one taste myself!

So now the kiddos have had popsicles and push-ups......I like that part of parenting, when you get to introduce your wee ones to things they have never tried. Yes-I like that part a lot!

 Here's to summer and the fun things it brings!!


Angela said...

This is so cute. Judah in full out protection mode since he and his sister were going into the unknown. "Don't eat that part". So funny.

Joy Morris said...

I have never given my children (4.5 and 2.5) ice cream in a cone. I feel like it's another one of these things that all children should have had. They've never had push-ups either. I better get on this!