Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Her name is....


There are some people you like the first time you meet them. Angela is one of those people. Her sense of humor is dry and sarcastic..I adore that! People that can make me laugh move way up on my chart of likability...well if I had a chart they would (hopefully no one really has a chart...come on people).  Angela does many things well. She can knit like no one can. I bought the cutest little makeup pouch she knit and then felted a bird onto. I then went home and attempted to make one half as cute...and failed miserably. (Emily Casey you know I am telling you the truth because I sent you the one I tried to make:)) She does Zumba and believe me her hips don't lie! She homeschools and raises her children to be artistically minded. She loves the Lord and is not ashamed of Him or of telling people how mind blowing He really is!! She cooks, bakes, sews, and can put together a mean outfit. The last time I admired her skirt...she had just happened to have made it. Yeah! Did I mention she has hair that makes me jealous every time I see it?! Seriously.

Well, when someone like this tells you they have decided to start a blog you secretly rejoice because you know you will have a small window into her daily life. Yes! If there is a new post up-I am reading it.  She writes like someone that should and could have her own book!! She skillfully crafts her sentences and has a wide and wild vocabulary. Her writing is witty and truthful. Basically it is worth reading and some blogs in this world are not.

Because of the fact that I like her as a person and that she can write a wicked post I thought-she needs to be a sponsor on my blog! And she is. So let me just encourage you to take a little trip over to her space on the internet and check out what she up to. I know I soon as I am finished typing this. For real.

The woman I speak of can be found here. And comment while you are there to let her know what you think...we all love comments. (hint hint:))

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