Tuesday, June 12, 2012

How I store it.

When I come home from the grocery store I get a little excited. I get excited because my house is now well stocked and I know that good eating is ahead of me.  I enjoy the process of putting away my food. I like to make things organized and pretty to look out. I am far more inspired to cook and bake when my fridge and pantry are well stocked and well organized.

 I love when just peeking into the fridge sparks at least 5 meal options for the day. I like to be inspired by the food around me....but when you cannot see any of it, or you can never find anything you need when you need it then it is hard to be inspired. I have a very little kitchen....therefore my storage is minimal. However, I do not let this stop me. I try to think of creative ways to store things out in the open....I would love some additional ideas for storage you may have. Here is a shot of one of mine.


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garage sale...sorry:(