Friday, August 28, 2009

I love my little boy!!!

I must confess, when I first found out I was pregnant with a boy I was a little bummed. I LOVED having a girl and Isabelle was (and still is) such a love!! I felt like little boy clothes were so lame and hard to accessorize for a little man. I doubted that any child would be as easy to love as Isabelle. ( I think this is the fear of every mother of one....until she has her second and realizes it is sooooo wonderful and easy to love another just as dearly) Anyhow-I had Judah and oh my does he have me wrapped around his finger. He coos and smiles in the most precious ways!! I could stare at him and chat for hours. He truly goes from a normal face to a full blown face of joy when I just say is heavenly!!! Little boys, or this little boy, is precious. He seems to be saying "I will protect you mommy, I will love you always mommy..." even though he is still such little nug. (nug is a term of endearment I use for a small wonderful things) I love thinking that he probably is so much like what his daddy was at that age....sweeter than sugar and just so wonderful to talk to-nothing changed in Nate when he got older:)...I hope the same stays true for Judah.

I love when I am nursing him and his body is in a the complete state of peace. He just lays there, holding my hand and staring at me or dozing off. I love him. My first impulse was wrong. Enough said.

If you need proof that he is the sweetest, check out Exhibit A below.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Why I Love Running

I know....when did this happen? When did I go from being the girl that dreaded the mile in gym class (literally for the whole year) to a woman who finds it being one of the high points of my day? I started to really run in college and that was as an escape. Living with a roommate and on a floor of 40 women makes anyone need time when they can get away and let off some steam. My sister talked me into running the Indy Mini-Marathon my Senior year of college...and I finished with the time of 2:03. Looking back I realize how much more in shape I was then I even knew.

Now here I am, out of college, married, the mother of two children (one of them being only 2 months old) and I find myself gearing up for another Mini-Marathon. This time I am training-since I just had a baby the body was not in the shape it should be for running a bit over 13 miles. And training now has become a lovely thing. I love to climb into my running clothes, grab my ipod and head out the front door. I either run around town or go to our Sports Club and nail the treadmill. ( I had never run on a treadmill in my life until a month ago...wild huh?) I find that running clears my head, clears the negative emotion I have build up from the day and puts me in a mood that I love. There is something so real about running. You are not relying on anything mechanical to spur you forward-the only thing you are relying upon is your own body. Every step you take your body is responsible lift up and down your weight every stride you make. I love that.

Now I should clarify. I am not some amazing, beautiful to watch run kinda girl. I have never been trained "in running correctly" and I get neon red when I run. I sweat through my clothes, I get chaffing, my knees have to be iced-I am not a poster child for the activity. But sometimes I cannot hold in my smile when running. God must love when we run, because my heart is so drawn to Him when I do. Perhaps it is because I think of all the verses in the Bible that use running analogies....and I love how much greater of an impact those verses make on me now that I run. I love that God has made our bodies able to train and improve over time. Literally the first time I went running after my second babe I could run maybe a mile. Now I have run 10 miles....just from being persistent in my running. How amazing that are bodies were created to respond like that....I LOVE IT!!!! I love that I experience such strong emotion when I run. I often tear up on my runs-almost always at the end-because my heart is exploding with joy, contentment, or longing.

Those are some of the reasons I love running. Tell me why you love something you do.......I want to hear!!

Monday, August 3, 2009


So I cut my hair-a few inches...nothing too shocking. (I have cut my own hair for a long time...and highlight much cheaper and you can do it whenever you have a free moment-very nice) Anyhow, I decided to cut Isabelle's hair. Well-things did not go as well as hoped. I did it while she was running around-first and biggest mistake. It was all going well until one fatal cut. I almost cried. It was the side/front of her hair I luckily it is the part she always wears in a hair tye-but oh my!! I kept telling Nate she looked like an 80's style rocker. The front part of her hair was a blunt cut that angled from shorter to longer starting at the back going to the front. I will confess that when she woke up this morning it didn't look as bad since she had slept on it and made it a little more normal. Anyhow-I included pictures, but not ones of her hair down. I vowed I could not do that to her or me. Honest-I really can cut hair.