Saturday, May 23, 2009

Zoo and Cubs and Sandwiches...oh my!!( sorry for the below spelling error-)

Zoo and Cubs and Sandwhiches...oh my!!

(my two loves...Nate and Isabelle)

We went to the Brookfield Zoo last Saturday to celebrate my niece Charlotte and nephew Simeon O'Donnell's birthdays. It was fun to start-and we had an amazing interaction with the lions!! But Isabelle decided she wanted to just run around everywhere-rather than being pushed in a stroller or stopping to look hard at things....which was fine:) However, one thing sure made her stop and take note....the carousel....oh my goodness did she love that thing!!

(Isabelle was getting panicky here because she was starting to figure out we would be leaving the carousel soon!!)

(a quick play break at the park in the cute are they??)

Then, yesterday my sweet mom suprised me with a yummy starbucks drink and a bag of goodies to start the morning off. Along with my yums she brought a few outfits she had found at a garage sale for Isabelle and the little bean soon to come. The Cubs outfit was a big hit with Isabelle!!

Finally, I really love cooking and baking and have been doing tons of it lately. Today I was just lazy and wanted to throw together a quick sandwich. It was amazing. So here is a quick sandwich that takes probably about 8 minutes to make and is unbelievable!! (wish I had a picture because it looked as good as it tasted-but alas I scarfed it down to quickly to even think of making it say cheese)

the goods:
Ciabatta bread-cut in half. Sprinkle half with olive oil and spread goat cheese out on the other half. Arugula goes on the olive oil half with slices of tomatoes (I like mine thinner since they broil up much better) Add oil to the top of the tomatoes and cover both sides of the open sandwich with salt and tons of freshly ground pepper. Pop into a broiler on high for about 5-6 minutes or until you think it looks too good to wait. Slap both sides together-cut in half and enjoy!! This was a major high point in my day today!! It was that good!!