Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Cookies with the Elves:)

Christmas gives one so many excuses to make delicious treats!! I am never one to pass up on a chance to make a treat-and neither are these two little elves of mine;) Here are a few shots of us making some cookies.
this is the kind of mood they were in the whole time:)

workin the KitcheAid

being insane

my elves:)

frosting with focus

it is hard to frost without your eyes open-just ask him

making clear which one he wanted to eat!
**Isabelle does own clothing besides her Tinkerbelle pjs and her pink ballet dress-however she rarely wants to wear it. The compromise is she can wear those at home but when we go out she wears real please excuse her same outfit in every single post. :)**

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I love when the evenings come. I don't even mind that it gets dark early around here because then it just feels like evenings are luxuriously longer. I love sitting and cuddling, crocheting, sitting by the fire, watching some shows with Nate on Hulu, sipping tea or peppermint hot chocolate. Evenings. I am thankful to God for evenings.