Tuesday, February 28, 2012

some one is starting to smile around here:)

I know some people are not as wired for newborns. They do not enjoy the stage as much as other ones their child goes through. I, however, adore the newborn stage. Just a little lump of love they are-and cuddling with such a warm, little body is one of the sweetest things. But...it certainly has been fun to see this little lump of love turn into a little smiling bean....I cannot wait for the months to come!

 Oh-the other day Isabelle came downstairs dressed like this....what can I say...clearly square dancing is in our blood!!

Thursday, February 16, 2012


One of my favorite movies growing up was Pippilongstocking.

 A red head, with freckles, who did fun and crazy things all day-wonder why I loved it?? Anyhow-this Christmas I bought the movie for Isabelle. The girl loves it as much as me:) And there is something so special about singing a song from your childhood with your child...

            "Pippilongstocking is cooooming into your world, 
             a freckled faced red-headed girl you outta know, 
          she'll turn your life into a whirl...WHOOOA WHOOOA!" 

Well, one day Isabelle brought something she had been drawing up to me-and low and behold look what the girl drew:) So perfect-in fact I am pretty sure I still draw braids like the top picture.
     And just in case you forgot how sweet my newest little babe is I added a photo to remind you:)

Monday, February 13, 2012

My Valentines

 Let it be known that I am for Valentine's Day. I am for saying, "I love you!" to those you love. I am for making cards covered in hearts, cookies cut out like hearts, pizzas shaped like hearts, and outfits the color of hearts. I am for being sappy or silly or serious about those you love. I have always loved this day...even when I was single. I love a whole day set apart for love....and I will never understand why other people do not love this day. Here are a few people I will be saying, "I love you" to today.

My husband: Nate you are everything and more that I ever wanted or wished for in a husband...I mean that-and believe me I wished big..you have exceeded every expectation. I adore you.

my oldest daughter: Isabelle you are my friend and companion all day. Yes-you are only 4 years old, but I laugh, talk and pass the day with you like you are a dear friend....and you are. I love you my little Belle.

my only son: Judah you are the joy and humor of this house. Your smile makes my heart soar with happiness and I adore your sense of humor and ability to make me laugh. I love you my Judah boy.

My baby girl: Vera, though you are one month old I cannot imagine one day without you. You stare with such big, gentle eyes and somehow it connects so deeply inside me. I love the sounds you make. I love your sweetness. I cannot wait to see who you will be. I love you my little Vera Jo.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

tummy time...a family affair

I love all these little bottoms:) Feeling very full of joy and thankfulness...what a little group of loves do I have here!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Life Lately

Judah and the babe

Homemade Lentil and Vegetable Soup...yumm!!

my girls

my littlest love

Vera Josephine

nighttime snuggles with Daddy