Monday, February 13, 2012

My Valentines

 Let it be known that I am for Valentine's Day. I am for saying, "I love you!" to those you love. I am for making cards covered in hearts, cookies cut out like hearts, pizzas shaped like hearts, and outfits the color of hearts. I am for being sappy or silly or serious about those you love. I have always loved this day...even when I was single. I love a whole day set apart for love....and I will never understand why other people do not love this day. Here are a few people I will be saying, "I love you" to today.

My husband: Nate you are everything and more that I ever wanted or wished for in a husband...I mean that-and believe me I wished have exceeded every expectation. I adore you.

my oldest daughter: Isabelle you are my friend and companion all day. Yes-you are only 4 years old, but I laugh, talk and pass the day with you like you are a dear friend....and you are. I love you my little Belle.

my only son: Judah you are the joy and humor of this house. Your smile makes my heart soar with happiness and I adore your sense of humor and ability to make me laugh. I love you my Judah boy.

My baby girl: Vera, though you are one month old I cannot imagine one day without you. You stare with such big, gentle eyes and somehow it connects so deeply inside me. I love the sounds you make. I love your sweetness. I cannot wait to see who you will be. I love you my little Vera Jo.

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