Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Things have been wild busy-in a lovely sense of the word. But then when it finally came time to post things I felt like I needed some big huge news to share with the world to be able to make a post....and not having anything I could think of I froze. But today-I am going for it-here are some shots of our recent days.
my sweet little boy turned 2!!

he is my little boy love

him mixing his cake of choice-yellow cake with green frosting

enjoying the beaters

loving his cake

Nate's mom and sister (and family) all came out for visit

Isabelle riding a horse....she is pretty good at it! Check out that smirk:)

cousin love (judah, isabelle, lydia, blaine, baby clark)

more cousin love (simeon, lily, nate, isabelle, charlotte)

making fresh lemonade with my littlest one

getting into painting--who knows--he's got techniques you haven't seen

my sweet girl...doing one of her favorite things in the world
So that is an update on our if I can just stay above water:) Happy Summer!!