Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Make Up Fun

I have had a blast lately doing looks I would never really wear out-or do not have the guts to wear out yet. The funny thing is, they always look far less dramatic when I take a photo of them. Oh well...here are a few ones I have done lately. I can always have my creative makeup outlet just be online:) I would LOVE if some of you would take this challenge and do some "out of your comfort zone" eye makeup and post a picture of it!! Please do it!! ( the pictures of me with the red headband has eye makeup that I did entirely using eyeliner only...no eyeshadow....another fun challenge:))


Friday, July 17, 2009

The last two days

So, I have not written in eternity. Sorry....to make up for it let me share with you my last two days:) The really great parts of them.

On Wednesday Isabelle was crying because she wanted her "cell phone" this is a play phone she loves to chat on all the time. She had left it outside from when we were playing out there. I kindly went out to grab it and what do you know...she shut the door on me. This would not be a big deal except for the fact that the door was locked. All the doors were locked. I did not have a phone and to make things absolutely amazing I was wearing embarrassing high school sweat pants that say "slap that bass" on the rear end of them and a less than modest nursing tank. Perfection huh?? I have locked in my house a 20 month old and a month old. Great! I calmly walked down the the neighbor I feel most comfortable with (a woman) and plan how I will explain what I am wearing and what has happened. But of course....she is not home. Nor are my next door neighbors. I then stand at the window and try to keep Isabelle occupied by playing hide and seek through the window with her. She did go downstairs at one point and lay on top of Judah-who was...until then...content in his bouncy chair. Finally my hubby got home (after 40 minutes of not knowing what to do besides make sure I kept Isabelle in sight and periodically checked Judah) and all was well. So that was day one.

Now for day two. I need to make this quick since Judah just is waking up. I was making a yummy Thai Chicken Lettuce Wraps for dinner. I had hot oil on the stove to toss all the chicken and veggies in. Isabelle was in her high chair, and Nate was changing Judah upstairs. I placed a large spoonful of canned minced ginger into the pan and it started steaming insanely!! Not normal I thought...and thinking quickly I took the pan off the stove to stop further smoking. But somehow as I did that the entire pan lit on fire. Not little pathetic flames...but literally flames that went to the ceiling and filled the room with heat! I called out (quite calmly impressively enough) for Nate and he....not knowing what I was calling for came down the stairs with Judah. He...seeing the flames placed Judah rapidly on a chair and came running in telling me to bring the pan outside. I must credit my friend Carrie Potts here-she told me a story once of a girl who brought a pan of boiling flaming oil to an open door and the wind blew....blowing all the flames unto her body and burning her badly. I-thank the Lord-recalled this story as Nate told me to go outside. I chose to place the fire ball pan back on the stove and to step back to ensure Isabelle's safety. Nate.....as I mentioned came running it. Well...the floor was coated with oil at this point-from the spraying that prompted me to take it off the stove...and running Nate bites it and slides across the whole floor nailing his whole body into the cabinets. He then crawls out of the kitchen....injured. The fire has not burned everything possible in the pan and has fuzed out. Our house smells like a Chinese restaurant, Isabelle is crying from the whole episode, I am shaking from it, and Nate is slightly injured. Another lovely day:) But I will say....the Thai Chicken Lettuce Wraps were delicious!!