Tuesday, October 30, 2012

a gift list....

If you were to come up with a gift list right now what would be the top three items on it? I always have a million things I would love to buy at any given second, but when it comes to writing them down on lists my mind goes completely blank. I was so amazed at the brilliant suggestions you all gave me for my basics plea...so here I am again...asking you to help create a list of gift ideas for me.  And of course I will try to get the ball rolling here....
ummmm looks amazing-I am on a huge cookbook, cooking magazine kick

I live where it is cold

still have not gotten these out of my mind
I really want some booties or wedges that are fall/winter appropriate
I am getting older and face creams are a must:) thankfully this one is amazing!
Really anything in any of these categories makes me all giddy to think about...how about you? What is on your list??

Friday, October 26, 2012

a car ride

when I see my little beans playing like this....
....it makes me crazy happy and thankful. 

Hope your weekend is just that-full of crazy happy moments and thankfulness!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

recipe nerd

I am a total recipe nerd. The other day in the mail I received a letter and packed inside were these lovelies...
 ..my heart skipped a beat!! How precious are recipes that someone shares with you? I especially love when they are handwritten because there is something very personal and old-fashion about it that way. These recipes are from Nate's Aunt Mary. I begged her to send me some of her recipes-you would have too if you had tasted her buckeyes, white cake and sugar cookies! The woman is an amazing baker! I cannot wait to make all of these-but in the meantime I will daydream about displaying them on something like this (can you tell I adore Sur La Table..luckily I can type the name rather than say it-still figuring out how to pronounce that one!) as I stare at them all scattered about on my table because they make me feel loved and happy just by looking at them!! Thank you Aunt Mary...I LOVE them!!

Do you have any special recipes passed down to you?

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Every time I go to my closet I have this conversation with myself..."Why do I have no basics in my closet?!" I have fun skirts, I have wild printed shirts, I have colored jeans....but basics (ie: a black tee shirt, a white tee shirt, anything plain really) are no where to be found.

I know why this problem happens time and time again. I go to a store determined to purchase a basic item, reminding myself that it will expand my wardrobe options not limited it to boring black and white. Then....then....then...I spot some amazingly unique and funky item that must be purchased and my plan of getting a basic item goes right out the window. If on the off chance that I finally do find a basic the item is made for someone close to 6 feet tall with a torso of the same length (I am just over 5'2 and my torso is close to non-existent)! I hate petites because they all run small and never seem to work either. Bluh.

Where or where do you find basics that work? I am all ears? A closet full of wild colors and patterns is waiting to hear from you!!

Monday, October 22, 2012

a favorite

I seriously do not know how I ever lived without this machine in my house. It is really like having a starbucks in your kitchen....and so so so much cheaper than paying for the daily cup of joe. We got the least expensive one possible but I am sure one like this bad boy would be beyond amazing too. I don't mind steaming my own milk so truthfully I am content with my little Essneza but some people don't have the time I do to make their daily fix.

Being a mommy of three beans has me wanting a comforting latte or mocha or dirty chai many times throughout the day. Problem solved! If you ever wanted to purchase an espresso machine this is the one you want to get. No question. And I really do know because I have had a few espresso machines in my life...this is the best bar none! Honestly if you have any questions about it I would love to answer them for you-I have never been as impressed with a product in my life!! My machine is going on its 2 year now and I have never gotten over how awesome it is even still.

image from here

What item can you not believe you ever lived without? I mean...my birthday is coming up:)

Sunday, October 21, 2012


I have been a mother for 5 years. I knew my whole life that I wanted to be a mother. I never knew it would be as wonderful as this.....
I often thank God for the beautiful daughter he gave me in you-my darling little Isabelle Deborah. Thank you for being my friend every day, for encouraging my spirit with your singing of praises to God and prayers for me when I am down. I never knew love in the way I loved you the first moment you were placed in my arms.....I will never stop loving you my beauty.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

anyone for tea??

Sometimes the best answer to a busy day is tea......no, not a quiet moment filled with Zen-like peacefulness while you sip on a cup of Tazo brand teabags soaked in steamy hot water. Rather, a giggly, totally childish time of sipping lukewarm tea out of miniature, Disney princess decorated, porcelain cups.

Now that will refresh you! (speaking of Refresh I might just go grab a big kid cup of it...that is one of my favorite Tazo teas...what are you favorite "big kid" teas? I love using loose teas and one of these babies...PerfecTea Tea Maker.  We might just have to throw our own tea party.)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

a weekend away...

We spent a weekend out with Grammy and Grandpa Clark and the kids had the time of their life!! A few shots of the countless fun things we did ...

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Currently Wearing: Lipstick

Recently I have stumbled upon some lipsticks that are both inexpensive and wearable. I have mentioned before that I really enjoy makeup and sometimes like to do things that push the envelope just a touch. Do not worry-these lipsticks I am featuring are not that kind of lipstick. In fact, these lipsticks are very "natural" looking and in my opinion give a lovely finish to the lips. I hope to keep this series of Currently Wearing going...so if there is ever a product you are especially interested in please let me know.

Now for the lipsticks.

I have three colors I am featuring and they are all made by Rimmel. They retail for around 4-7 dollars and I have found the cheapest ones in my area at Walmart-add a coupon and you are dropping that price even lower...love that! I like these because you can put them on without having to think if it will go well with the rest of your look. They will. They just have a nice color, sheen, feel to them. I am super pale and have freckles-if you are not anywhere near that coloring it might be wise to check how these look with your coloring before you buy them all (which I know you all will be running out to do after you read this ;) ) Now let me describe them for you in my own words-be warned, descriptors of lipstick is not my strongest gift. (please pardon the two random lipsticks photographs below...I was playing around with this advertising product link thing and somehow have two lipsticks stuck on there now which I cannot remove no matter what I do....they are not the lipsticks I am featuring...sorry!!!)
from top to bottom: nude delight, dreamy, spotlight beige

1. Nude Delight (642)-A soft peachy nude that has a sheen to it so you are not left with that dry lipstick lip look. It does mute out the lips a bit-but not in a chalky-white way...more like in a monochromatic way...make sense?

2. Dreamy(140)-A shimmery almost lavender-pink...this one I never wear alone, but on top of literally any lipstick it looks nice...it softens colors and adds depth to them in some magical way.

3. Spotlight Beige(620)-Not sure why this is called Beige (one of the worst words ever) because it is more of a apricot nude. Makes your lips look a little richer in color with a nice lip gloss look-but no lip gloss feel.

shot of the lipsticks

Monday, October 8, 2012

my friend's toast

I have always daydreamed about having that kind of neighbor who will show up at your house (or vice versa) with a coffee mug in hand-ready for you to fill it as you chat over the day. Perhaps I watched one too many episodes of I Love Lucy as a child....I wanted an Ethel.

And I have one. She is not exactly like the character Ethel because she is stunningly beautiful, a mother of five little ones and a breath of fresh air!! However, she is all the wonderful things that Ethel brought-a friend, a plotter, a daily companion who gets life.

I love Leah and I love that she is my neighbor...I seriously have treasured every single time we have interacted because I always come away challenged or encouraged in my faith or (as is often the case) both.

Why all this back story? I don't know-maybe because I am feeling sentimental or thankful or something-but all the being said, Leah is the one who first introduced me to "cinnamon toast".

Bread, butter, brown sugar and cinnamon-toasted in the oven till perfectly crunchy and delightful. Simple yes. Life changing yes. Made almost daily over here yes. I Love Leah-it needs to be a sitcom and the theme song would have to do with this toast.

this shot is probably blurry because I was so excited to eat it I was not even focusing...true story
What simple treat are you keeping under wraps-please share-I might even make you move into our neighborhood...I am telling you it is pretty great!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

dinner in a flash

You know when you are so hungry you can barely see straight and you want something delicious, warm and filling-but not time consuming. Say hello to me Sunday night! I had gotten home around 9pm from a meeting and had not eaten since an early lunch. Did I mention I am still breast-feeding...hello famished! I whipped this sucker together and have since made it two more times....yes that fast, that easy, that delicious.

1. Boil water for pasta of choice-add pasta and cook till done (I often have a bag of precooked pasta in my fridge so I can whip up a bowl for my kiddos at any moment, this first time I made it I used that pasta so it went extra fast)

2. in a saucepan melt 3-4 TBS of butter and salt, add two cloves minced garlic

3. add as much half and half (or cream) as you want to the saucepan.... (I probably did around 1 1/2 cups...I never measure...sorry) and let it simmer
4. add tomato paste, (I have it in tube form-a brilliant thing-get it) just a few tablespoons will do ya
5. add pasta to sauce and serve **adding chicken, sun-dried tomatoes, herbs, whatever have you makes this one more step up on flavor...but really you don't need it**

So good, so fast. What are your go-to quick and delicious meals? I am all ears!

Monday, October 1, 2012

the whole spectrum of a Saturday

1. eat amazing toast (I will include the recipe soon-my friend Leah taught me and I have had it three times since then) and drink dark, strong coffee by a fire

2. go to an Anthropologie in-store fashion show with my ever stylish friend Jessica and her adorable sister (maybe even buy a piece or two.....from the sale rack of course!!)

3. rush home and swap out my "Anthro" outfit for my "play at the park with small children" outfit-jeans with holes and an athletic shirt

4. head to the park to watch a group of friends (and my hot hubs) play softball while I get to lead the cheering section full of little beans:)

It was a good Saturday-the whole spectrum of things I love. I treasure days that cover all the bases like that....what would your "whole spectrum" day include?