Thursday, October 25, 2012

recipe nerd

I am a total recipe nerd. The other day in the mail I received a letter and packed inside were these lovelies... heart skipped a beat!! How precious are recipes that someone shares with you? I especially love when they are handwritten because there is something very personal and old-fashion about it that way. These recipes are from Nate's Aunt Mary. I begged her to send me some of her recipes-you would have too if you had tasted her buckeyes, white cake and sugar cookies! The woman is an amazing baker! I cannot wait to make all of these-but in the meantime I will daydream about displaying them on something like this (can you tell I adore Sur La Table..luckily I can type the name rather than say it-still figuring out how to pronounce that one!) as I stare at them all scattered about on my table because they make me feel loved and happy just by looking at them!! Thank you Aunt Mary...I LOVE them!!

Do you have any special recipes passed down to you?


Angela said...

Sir - lah - tahb, or if you really want to get frenchy, sir-lah-TAH-bluh. I still use my grandma's creole recipes. Planning to pass them on to my daughters too.

Amy Holmes said...

As the oldest granddaughter I was taught how to make my grandma's "Turkey Cookies" a few years ago. They are her own sugar cookie and frosting recipes that she has used over 50 years. People often ask me if they are made with turkey--NO, they are shaped like turkeys and decorated with different colors and each color with a particular tip. I have made them every year since I have been married and out of town family members want me to mail some to them at Thanksgiving every year. It is a beloved family tradition.

The next recipe I need from her is her Lemon Meringue Pie!

I also make my other grandma's homemade chocolate syrup to go with my aunt's homemade ice cream.


abby said...

Angela...thank you! Now I won't have to mumble under my breath when I want to talk about the store:)

Amy-ummm those cookies sound amazing!! So fun!!