Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Currently Wearing: Lipstick

Recently I have stumbled upon some lipsticks that are both inexpensive and wearable. I have mentioned before that I really enjoy makeup and sometimes like to do things that push the envelope just a touch. Do not worry-these lipsticks I am featuring are not that kind of lipstick. In fact, these lipsticks are very "natural" looking and in my opinion give a lovely finish to the lips. I hope to keep this series of Currently Wearing if there is ever a product you are especially interested in please let me know.

Now for the lipsticks.

I have three colors I am featuring and they are all made by Rimmel. They retail for around 4-7 dollars and I have found the cheapest ones in my area at Walmart-add a coupon and you are dropping that price even that! I like these because you can put them on without having to think if it will go well with the rest of your look. They will. They just have a nice color, sheen, feel to them. I am super pale and have freckles-if you are not anywhere near that coloring it might be wise to check how these look with your coloring before you buy them all (which I know you all will be running out to do after you read this ;) ) Now let me describe them for you in my own words-be warned, descriptors of lipstick is not my strongest gift. (please pardon the two random lipsticks photographs below...I was playing around with this advertising product link thing and somehow have two lipsticks stuck on there now which I cannot remove no matter what I do....they are not the lipsticks I am featuring...sorry!!!)
from top to bottom: nude delight, dreamy, spotlight beige

1. Nude Delight (642)-A soft peachy nude that has a sheen to it so you are not left with that dry lipstick lip look. It does mute out the lips a bit-but not in a chalky-white way...more like in a monochromatic way...make sense?

2. Dreamy(140)-A shimmery almost lavender-pink...this one I never wear alone, but on top of literally any lipstick it looks softens colors and adds depth to them in some magical way.

3. Spotlight Beige(620)-Not sure why this is called Beige (one of the worst words ever) because it is more of a apricot nude. Makes your lips look a little richer in color with a nice lip gloss look-but no lip gloss feel.

shot of the lipsticks


Amy Holmes said...

I have a few girlfriends that are young married's without kids or single and they get dressed up in sexy black outfits, heels, glitter nails and red lipstick. I look at them and wish I belonged in their group. Never thought I could get away with red lipstick until my husband expressed interest in seeing me in it. Now, every once in awhile I throw on some red lipstick for him. I don't have any other lipsticks--I'm a gloss kind of gal but wearing the red lipstick for my husband makes me feel very wanted!

Mandy said...

Love the middle color!