Monday, October 8, 2012

my friend's toast

I have always daydreamed about having that kind of neighbor who will show up at your house (or vice versa) with a coffee mug in hand-ready for you to fill it as you chat over the day. Perhaps I watched one too many episodes of I Love Lucy as a child....I wanted an Ethel.

And I have one. She is not exactly like the character Ethel because she is stunningly beautiful, a mother of five little ones and a breath of fresh air!! However, she is all the wonderful things that Ethel brought-a friend, a plotter, a daily companion who gets life.

I love Leah and I love that she is my neighbor...I seriously have treasured every single time we have interacted because I always come away challenged or encouraged in my faith or (as is often the case) both.

Why all this back story? I don't know-maybe because I am feeling sentimental or thankful or something-but all the being said, Leah is the one who first introduced me to "cinnamon toast".

Bread, butter, brown sugar and cinnamon-toasted in the oven till perfectly crunchy and delightful. Simple yes. Life changing yes. Made almost daily over here yes. I Love Leah-it needs to be a sitcom and the theme song would have to do with this toast.

this shot is probably blurry because I was so excited to eat it I was not even focusing...true story
What simple treat are you keeping under wraps-please share-I might even make you move into our neighborhood...I am telling you it is pretty great!


katielicht said...

we probably need to get together soon... so you can make me this toast. ;) but also because it's been too long! let me know what your weeks look like. tuesdays and thursdays are best for us.

Amy Holmes said...

I make peanut butter toast with cinnamon and sugar on it for my babes almost every morning. This looks so yummytastic too! My little treat that I make for others often is Chocolate Chip Banana Bread. Just the right amount of chocolate to banana bread ratio!

Rachel Jones said...

What kind of bread is in the picture? Sounds wonderful!

abby said...

Amy-yum!! so trying it!
Rachel-Italian loaf:)

Jessica Kiger said...

SO sweet you have a neighbor like that! I'm jealous!!