Monday, October 22, 2012

a favorite

I seriously do not know how I ever lived without this machine in my house. It is really like having a starbucks in your kitchen....and so so so much cheaper than paying for the daily cup of joe. We got the least expensive one possible but I am sure one like this bad boy would be beyond amazing too. I don't mind steaming my own milk so truthfully I am content with my little Essneza but some people don't have the time I do to make their daily fix.

Being a mommy of three beans has me wanting a comforting latte or mocha or dirty chai many times throughout the day. Problem solved! If you ever wanted to purchase an espresso machine this is the one you want to get. No question. And I really do know because I have had a few espresso machines in my life...this is the best bar none! Honestly if you have any questions about it I would love to answer them for you-I have never been as impressed with a product in my life!! My machine is going on its 2 year now and I have never gotten over how awesome it is even still.

image from here

What item can you not believe you ever lived without? I birthday is coming up:)


Kristen said...

Their customer service is also impeccable! I too ADORE my Nespresso. Their commercials however... not so much. Seriously, women fresh out of the shower in a towl, dripping wet... really Nespresso. Get your act together and just sell coffee!

Bethany Piet said...

Ah! I just got the Nespresso U and the auto milk frother for Christmas....I'm in coffee heaven. Good to know its holding up after all that use ;o)

I almost died when I found out they had an app....there is an app for my coffee!