Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Keeping Busy

I have been busy crocheting these past few days away. I love having some good movie on, Isabelle playing at my feet-while I keep my hands content working yarn into something fun!! I love neckwarmers-they are instant gratification (quick to make) and are really so lovely and practical! I also love to make hats for Isabelle. I have posted a few on my Etsy store for sale....because really how many hats can a little girl have?? The other thing I just learned to make yesterday is the sweetest little doll. I have made two so far and have high hopes to make more in the future. I found the pattern at marthastewart.com under the Emily Martin portion (she has a site on etsy called TheBlackApple and I just LOVE her work!! If you like the dolls at all please make one-I struggle with making many things...but for some reason her directions are written precisely how my mind works and it was so fun making them. They will be great baby gifts I am hoping!! Well...that is what is keep me from blogging lately-wanted to let you all know. Show me what has been keeping you lovelies busy!!
High Point: Making my second doll....there is nothing like flipping it right side out to see something you have worked so hard at actually look cute (trust me...it does not usually work like that for me:)
Low Point: Laundry...bluh. Hey at least is always smells good at the end!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


So Wednesdays are usually absolutely wonderful days-they start off with Women's Bible Study at 9:15.....which is great! Then lunch with my mom, we go straight from Bible Study. Then Isabelle and I play at home before her afternoon nap and then my love comes home around 4:30 and we have HYACKS (high school youth group we both work with) at 7:00. So the day is full of wonderful, spiritually encouraging things and it makes everything go faster and be more enjoyable!! So you find me today in the middle of that process. Isabelle has just gone down for her nap (sweet little cutie pie) and I am enjoying being online:)

What shall I write of today??? Well the thing the most on my mind at this moment is artistic projects. In my basement right now I have things piling up that I have been working on. Little pencil cases (with no zippers because I cannot figure out how to sew them in), hats for babies that I have either knit or crocheted, and random water colored paintings of little ladies. These all are delightful for me to look at, but really starting to take up space. I do not feel that any of them (well maybe a few) are up to par for selling on Etsy.....so here is where you all come in. I would love to do a swap a roo. I know you all have artistic flair and talent (after all we are all created after the greatest Creator of them all) and I would love for us all to share our treasures. So....if you would like something of mine-you must offer me something. Now I do not mean it has to be top notch-more like what I am describing would be perfect or I will feel like you got cheated! Something you have made that you are sorta proud of but not proud enough because it is part of your learning curve:) We will make a swap. If you are interested say what you want and what you have. If enough of you do this we could swap to others too (not just to me) So let me know.

Anyone have a good scone recipe? I know that is a random question but I have small group at my house on Saturday and want to make some. I made Lemon Blueberry ones last time that we great-but I am willing to try something new this time. Thanks!
High Point: There is something so encouraging being surrounded with women that love the Lord and are in the process of pursing Him. I love women's bible study!!
Low Point: I woke up with the worst headache that has now morphed into feeling sick to my stomach!! bluh!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Movies...and fall..my love affair begins!

I love fall with all my heart! That crisp bite in the air....the delicious smell of leaves and burning. It makes me think of the movie You've Got Mail. My favorite part is when he says (tom hanks) that he wishes he could give her (Meg Ryan) a bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils! How fun is that!! Something about a freshly sharpened pencil always get me excited!!! While on the subject of that movie let it also be said that there is no better scene than when she is walking through the streets with The Cranberries song playing in the background. I do not know how many times I have gone driving with that music playing....pretending that I am her lost in the beautiful city and going to work at a sweet little bookstore:)

Movies!! What are some wonderful movies I need to see?? I am a true LOVER of movies but I must confess that I have a desire to watch things that are on the clean side of life. Sex scenes are something I would rather not see....and women dressed like they are really trying to be naked is also something I would rather not watch. (besides the fact that Nate and I usually watch the movies together and therefore I do not want to dangle that stuff in front of him...can I hear an amen ladies??) I will start with some movies I think everyone should see in their lifetime. Starting with ones I think people will have seen and then branching into some possibly unknowns. PLEASE SHARE YOURS!
Sense and Sensibility-amazing acting, amazing plot, amazing morals!
Mansfield Park-the newest one...wonderful!!
Stepmom-on my does that make me cry!!
Little Women-in love...want to play Jo in some movie at some time in my life!
While You Were Sleeping-I do not know why but this is one of my favs!

Pirot-this is a murder mystery series...it is amazing!! if you at all like this type of genre please get these from the library to watch!
Midsummer Murders-same as above!
Bleak House-really good, really addicting

Those are mine for now...I truly cannot think of many at this moment-not because there are not tons it is because my brain is not with me. So share yours so Nate and I know what to go pick up from our local library!:)

One more thing....ladies that are living in the wheatonish area...if you read this blog and have any interest in learning how to knit or crocquet please let me know....I would love to have us get together (babies too if you have them) and learn to do that together.
High Point:The doctor's appointment today for Isabelle showed that she is high again on her iron count ( I had to come in today because she had been so low they thought they might need to put her on iron supplments if it did not go up...so yeah it did!!!)

Low Point: When they had to prick her little toe to get the blood to sample...poor little love girl was crying mccrying!! Little sweetie!

(sidenote, the day has not really been that much yet-hence the limited high/low points:))

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Vacation, Dessert, Fall-could life get better?? Nope

Not the largest catch of the day.....but I must admit it was the norm for me. Small!

I just got back from a wonderful vacation up in Michigan (right by Glen Arbor). We stayed (Nate, Isabelle, Mom, Dad, Ruth-sister, James-brother, Karen-sister in law, Ann-niece) at my uncle Jim's place right on the lake. It was perfection weather!! No joke! I ate (far far far too much...any great tips on working out??) and did all the delicious things one can do while on the water.

We fished many days (enough to eat....however I am just not a fish lover...I tried...I am not), went tubing, went Slolum skiing (not sure how to spell it....the one where you ski on one ski) and did a little shopping. I love love love one specific aspect of vacation. I love that from the time you wake up to the time you go to sleep you have people around you that want to have fun and talk. Seriously-that is one thing I miss so so much from collage, and being on vacation just brings it all back!

Me and my little Isabelle:)

I am back now-with a little bit of sun on my face and legs-which makes me want to have more sun on my face and legs. Why oh why do things always look better tan??? Anyone know any good tanning lotions? I sure don't...never really tried any but perhaps that is because I would feel like such a faker if I wore anything. I know that is wierd...it kinda is like the strange fact that I refuse to wear any under garment type things like spanx or corset things....(not because I have a rocking figure....though I do rather like it;)) but because I feel like I am dishonestly portraying my body as something it is not. Isn't that just the funniest/wierdo thing?? Who knows why I am the way I am. I am a wierdo!!
Our family:)

I still have not really gone shopping and gotten those cute clothes we all have talked about. I have been looking for dresses thought ladies, trying indeed! I cannot wait for fall.....clothes are always more fun in fall!! I know the majority of the world LOVES summer...but I am not one of them. I love love love fall and really love winter as well. I love bundling up and being stuck inside....(which I have not yet done with a baby that is moving so we shall see if my tune changes) and I love crisp cold everything. I do. Hate me for it....but you can have your hot sweaty make me feel nasty summers and I will take your cold, freezing make you shake winters! Deal!

I want to know what the best desserts-recipes, resturants/stores, drinks, types are. I will start
Best recipe dessert-my mom's brownies ( no joke )
resturant-White Chocolate Grille-apple thinger or white chocolate brownie
store-Grahmas Chocolates-delicious homemake chocolates!
drinks-carmel macchiato, mcdonalds frappe (tried my first one this vacation and was pleasantly surprised)
types-peanut butter things....yummo!!!

High Point: Getting up on a single ski without ever having done it before:)
Low Point: Driving home yesterday while Isabelle literally screamed so hard that she threw up (yes she scream/cried for 5 hours STRAIGHT!)