Wednesday, September 17, 2008


So Wednesdays are usually absolutely wonderful days-they start off with Women's Bible Study at 9:15.....which is great! Then lunch with my mom, we go straight from Bible Study. Then Isabelle and I play at home before her afternoon nap and then my love comes home around 4:30 and we have HYACKS (high school youth group we both work with) at 7:00. So the day is full of wonderful, spiritually encouraging things and it makes everything go faster and be more enjoyable!! So you find me today in the middle of that process. Isabelle has just gone down for her nap (sweet little cutie pie) and I am enjoying being online:)

What shall I write of today??? Well the thing the most on my mind at this moment is artistic projects. In my basement right now I have things piling up that I have been working on. Little pencil cases (with no zippers because I cannot figure out how to sew them in), hats for babies that I have either knit or crocheted, and random water colored paintings of little ladies. These all are delightful for me to look at, but really starting to take up space. I do not feel that any of them (well maybe a few) are up to par for selling on here is where you all come in. I would love to do a swap a roo. I know you all have artistic flair and talent (after all we are all created after the greatest Creator of them all) and I would love for us all to share our treasures. So....if you would like something of mine-you must offer me something. Now I do not mean it has to be top notch-more like what I am describing would be perfect or I will feel like you got cheated! Something you have made that you are sorta proud of but not proud enough because it is part of your learning curve:) We will make a swap. If you are interested say what you want and what you have. If enough of you do this we could swap to others too (not just to me) So let me know.

Anyone have a good scone recipe? I know that is a random question but I have small group at my house on Saturday and want to make some. I made Lemon Blueberry ones last time that we great-but I am willing to try something new this time. Thanks!
High Point: There is something so encouraging being surrounded with women that love the Lord and are in the process of pursing Him. I love women's bible study!!
Low Point: I woke up with the worst headache that has now morphed into feeling sick to my stomach!! bluh!


Anonymous said...

Hi! As far as zippers - they seem so intimidating but they are really not as hard as they look. I did my first zipper when I made the Amy Butler Weekender bag and it was super easy! Uhandbag has some great tutorials.

Swap! I haven't participated in a swap yet, but I think I would be interested. Initially it would probably have to be something that I have already made, since I'm kind of busy to make something new, but I would be interested!

I do have a great cranberry scone recipe, but it's at home and I'm at work, so I'll try to remember to get it to you!

Anonymous said...

I didn't put the correct link for the blog

Princess Caitlin said...

Did I ever mention I love your blog? I do.
Your optimism and cheeriness is refreshing. ... Not that I'm accustomed to gloom or anything.
I just like your blog.

Blomgren2 said...

I want to do this swap thing I really don't have much to offer... I will think on it! But I know I love your cards and LOVE your neck warmer in the post above, the yellow one's style. You are so talented Abs. Love you.