Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Movies...and fall..my love affair begins!

I love fall with all my heart! That crisp bite in the air....the delicious smell of leaves and burning. It makes me think of the movie You've Got Mail. My favorite part is when he says (tom hanks) that he wishes he could give her (Meg Ryan) a bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils! How fun is that!! Something about a freshly sharpened pencil always get me excited!!! While on the subject of that movie let it also be said that there is no better scene than when she is walking through the streets with The Cranberries song playing in the background. I do not know how many times I have gone driving with that music playing....pretending that I am her lost in the beautiful city and going to work at a sweet little bookstore:)

Movies!! What are some wonderful movies I need to see?? I am a true LOVER of movies but I must confess that I have a desire to watch things that are on the clean side of life. Sex scenes are something I would rather not see....and women dressed like they are really trying to be naked is also something I would rather not watch. (besides the fact that Nate and I usually watch the movies together and therefore I do not want to dangle that stuff in front of him...can I hear an amen ladies??) I will start with some movies I think everyone should see in their lifetime. Starting with ones I think people will have seen and then branching into some possibly unknowns. PLEASE SHARE YOURS!
Sense and Sensibility-amazing acting, amazing plot, amazing morals!
Mansfield Park-the newest one...wonderful!!
Stepmom-on my does that make me cry!!
Little Women-in love...want to play Jo in some movie at some time in my life!
While You Were Sleeping-I do not know why but this is one of my favs!

Pirot-this is a murder mystery series...it is amazing!! if you at all like this type of genre please get these from the library to watch!
Midsummer Murders-same as above!
Bleak House-really good, really addicting

Those are mine for now...I truly cannot think of many at this moment-not because there are not tons it is because my brain is not with me. So share yours so Nate and I know what to go pick up from our local library!:)

One more thing....ladies that are living in the wheatonish area...if you read this blog and have any interest in learning how to knit or crocquet please let me know....I would love to have us get together (babies too if you have them) and learn to do that together.
High Point:The doctor's appointment today for Isabelle showed that she is high again on her iron count ( I had to come in today because she had been so low they thought they might need to put her on iron supplments if it did not go up...so yeah it did!!!)

Low Point: When they had to prick her little toe to get the blood to sample...poor little love girl was crying mccrying!! Little sweetie!

(sidenote, the day has not really been that much yet-hence the limited high/low points:))


Princess Caitlin said...

I've seen and LOVE all of those except the murder ones. Those sound interesting, too.

Judging by that list of movies, you sound like you could be another North and South fan. Have you seen that one? loooove it. **swoon**

On a more childish note, I am also a huge fan of Pixar films. :)

Anonymous said...

I really like the movie "The Interpreter" I don't really know why, but I do...although I'm not sure it fits in with the other genres you mentioned! I remember how much you love Jane Austen movies!

abby said...

so i have rented the movie north and south and am already really enjoying it!! great call!! and ellie...i have seen The Interpreter and love it as well. I knew I could count on you ladies!

Princess Caitlin said...

Yay! I knew you'd like it!
I bought it earlier this year from Amazon, and I've watched it 5 times, and roped my friends and relatives into watching it with me.
I'm pathetic, I know. lol

abby said...

just finished it....i wish their saga had been even longer...oh how i love a drawn out romance!! wonderful wonderful!! you get the award my dear for suggesting such a delicious movie-thank you!!

Melissa said...

Thanks for the great movie suggestion! I watched Mansfield Park yesterday and LOVED it and I am halfway through North and South Now! Have you have seen Wife and Daughters? Its in the same sort of style and reallllly girly & good!

Love you Abby! xoxox

Catie said...

You've Got Mail is one of our favorites!! I love the part were she is trying to convince herself to be mean and says, "Fight, fight." i also love the part when they are stopped on the sidewalk and he says "what is I wasn't Fox Books and you weren't The Little Shop Around the Corner? The only thing we would fight about was which movie we would watch on a Saturday night...for as long as we both live.."

Catie said...

I just rented Gosfield Park from the library - it was pretty good. Amalie is one of the best movies as far as story telling! (There are 2 off color parts that you would just have to fast forward though but it is really worth it)