Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Vacation, Dessert, Fall-could life get better?? Nope

Not the largest catch of the day.....but I must admit it was the norm for me. Small!

I just got back from a wonderful vacation up in Michigan (right by Glen Arbor). We stayed (Nate, Isabelle, Mom, Dad, Ruth-sister, James-brother, Karen-sister in law, Ann-niece) at my uncle Jim's place right on the lake. It was perfection weather!! No joke! I ate (far far far too much...any great tips on working out??) and did all the delicious things one can do while on the water.

We fished many days (enough to eat....however I am just not a fish lover...I tried...I am not), went tubing, went Slolum skiing (not sure how to spell it....the one where you ski on one ski) and did a little shopping. I love love love one specific aspect of vacation. I love that from the time you wake up to the time you go to sleep you have people around you that want to have fun and talk. Seriously-that is one thing I miss so so much from collage, and being on vacation just brings it all back!

Me and my little Isabelle:)

I am back now-with a little bit of sun on my face and legs-which makes me want to have more sun on my face and legs. Why oh why do things always look better tan??? Anyone know any good tanning lotions? I sure don't...never really tried any but perhaps that is because I would feel like such a faker if I wore anything. I know that is wierd...it kinda is like the strange fact that I refuse to wear any under garment type things like spanx or corset things....(not because I have a rocking figure....though I do rather like it;)) but because I feel like I am dishonestly portraying my body as something it is not. Isn't that just the funniest/wierdo thing?? Who knows why I am the way I am. I am a wierdo!!
Our family:)

I still have not really gone shopping and gotten those cute clothes we all have talked about. I have been looking for dresses thought ladies, trying indeed! I cannot wait for fall.....clothes are always more fun in fall!! I know the majority of the world LOVES summer...but I am not one of them. I love love love fall and really love winter as well. I love bundling up and being stuck inside....(which I have not yet done with a baby that is moving so we shall see if my tune changes) and I love crisp cold everything. I do. Hate me for it....but you can have your hot sweaty make me feel nasty summers and I will take your cold, freezing make you shake winters! Deal!

I want to know what the best desserts-recipes, resturants/stores, drinks, types are. I will start
Best recipe dessert-my mom's brownies ( no joke )
resturant-White Chocolate Grille-apple thinger or white chocolate brownie
store-Grahmas Chocolates-delicious homemake chocolates!
drinks-carmel macchiato, mcdonalds frappe (tried my first one this vacation and was pleasantly surprised)
types-peanut butter things....yummo!!!

High Point: Getting up on a single ski without ever having done it before:)
Low Point: Driving home yesterday while Isabelle literally screamed so hard that she threw up (yes she scream/cried for 5 hours STRAIGHT!)


Bekah Wallace said...

I love that you enjoy Michigan so much, we think it is the best kept secret vacation wise as well. And as far as fall goes, I couldn't be happier either. I think for me there is the feeling of a new jump start on the year even after we are out of school. Things just feel crisp and refreshing. Hm.. Best things right now for me are:

Best recipe dessert- chocolate molten cakes made in my yellow ramakins (my stepmom's recipe)!

resturant-currently loving Panera's fall salad, the one with pears and nuts of some type.

store-Butler Pantry in Saugatuck

drinks-iced carmel latte with skim, unsweetened ice tea with one sugar and lemon

types- hazelnut (my new french vanilla)

Princess Caitlin said...

Looks like you had a great vacation! I was wondering where you went. :) I missed your cheerful posts!

Love the pic of your family. So sweet!