Thursday, August 21, 2008

I am craving cute clothes...

You know sometimes this feelings strikes me and all I can think is-man I really need some new cute clothes. This feelings usually arises from me wanting to quickly get dressed and rush out of the house for something....only to realize that I have nothing I can throw on to get out of the house fast.

I really want to hit the jackpot with this one. Which a jackpot would look like having really fun/hip/me clothes that were easy to put on and really comfy to wear. I feel like this might be easier with weather getting cooler...but who knows. I want the same thing out of shoes-any suggestions???? What are things you all wear when you go running out of the house-or what are sure fire ways to look put together even if you are not? (ie wearing sunglasses I feel like always makes a person look somehow put together or perhaps even if you are sloppy looking then wearing sunglasses makes you look like a movie star....) you get the idea.

I love to wear skirts because those are easy, and cute and very me. Isabelle is so much easier to dress than myself and I often find myself vicariously living through her in the little girl dress department. You know-funky tights that kids can get away with are a heck of a lot harder once you are past puberty. Anyhow....suggestions is the name of the game. Clothes for me, accessories, clothes for Isabelle....any type of inside on how to be comfy and still look like a regular human.

I found this little overall set (and could even possibly win it) on a blog...tell me this isn't so cute!!?

Apple Orchard Overalls GIVEAWAY !!!!!!!
Some stinkin cute clothes!!


Catie said...

resa2I am right with you, Abs. No joke. I don't have any suggestions cause I need help too. I wish I had a stylist because I really don't like shopping.

Princess Caitlin said...

dresses are amazing. One piece, and they make you look so chic and cute!
I just bought this one from Chadwick's.
(in blue ;-))
And I'm about to go buy this one:
(which I WANTED in blue, but I'm having to settle for flax)

And that little jumper is so precious. :D I hope you win it!

Anonymous said...

Most days I just tell Jeremy I look and feel like a POT...even the days that I actually get dressed and go to work (when I'm actually supposed to be put together)...I think even jeans and a shirt look more put together if you wear jewelry...something I have tried to be better at, but am not really succeeding. I have friends that look cute all the time - I've never even seen them in very casual clothes, they always look put together and I just don't know how they do it! Maybe I should make them shop for me!