Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Inspiration thus far....:)

Read the blog previous to this one if you are confused.

Keep that inspiration coming ladies....I LOVE what has been sent so far and want to keep adding to it so we all have a little something that keeps us creative when our eyes feast upon it:) These top ones are from the lovely Ellie, beautiful selections darling, beautiful. I knew you would have some good ones!

These lovely ones are from Cates....I love the nook with the light streaming a dream world I would have a kitchen that has a nook (kinda like a booth in a restaurant) and I would feed my children in the little nook and then when they go off to school I would just sit there and drink coffee and be inspired for my day. (by all the pictures I collect from this;))

another lovely room.....this one actually already is her with envy;) me too (


Princess Caitlin said...

My reply is in the form of today's blog post!

Bekah Wallace said...

I'm emailing you pics right now!