Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Color is Gutsy!

I want to paint every room in my house some outrageous color (like turquoise, or red, or pink) and decorate it. I was explaining to my mom today my personality.....I am the same in clothing as decorating....I am drawn to the out there type styles and colors and looks-but have some either laziness or hesitation that keeps me from doing those things to myself or my home. However, whenever I branch out and just go for it (be it a look or style) I love it!! Now why am I so weird? I know some of you out there can relate....so I am now asking a question of you all. What would a dream room look like for you. I will go first since it is my blog.
Now keep in mind my design changes from mood to mood so this is the mood I am in right now and I JUST finished shopping at Anthro so my tastes are always a little out there. I want a bright turquoise room with pictures scattered all over the walls in line. I must confess that I did not just COME UP with this lovely idea...I am combining two things I have seen. Pictures below...

These pictures are both from the lovely home of Emily Martin. I want to be able to 1. draw/paint/art like her....and 2. Be gutsy enough to just go for it like her
Now it is YOUR turn...and if you have pictures you have posted or want to send me PLEASE do...I will post them on this blog for all to enjoy and be inspired by. Come to think of it....just send me your inspirations-we should have a whole page dedicated to the inspirations of us lovely ladies!!! My email is abbyseward@gmail.com
bring it on!
High Point: Shopping at Anthropologie and finding things I LOVE!
Low Point: Having to carry Isabelle while doing it all-but hey my arm is gonna be BUFF


Anonymous said...

I love the idea of painting rooms beautiful bright colors! I really thought about that a lot last year, but hesitated because 1. I married Jeremy and he is kind of particular about the way our home looks and really doesn't want it to be too girly - he's into earth tones, which I like but sometimes I just want to paint my room a deep plum or a happy green and put beautiful colorful rugs on wooden floors and furniture that just pops out of the room and says "hey, I'm bright and happy and cozy so bring your tea and book in here or your scrapbooking or your next sewing project and turn the music on and just relax and create!" and 2. I live in an apartment...I painted our first apartment and then we had to paint it back...I just haven't wanted to put the same effort into this one.

I think you should totally paint a room turquoise! It would be so wonderful! Alica Paulson's studio is light blue not turquoise but still happy http://aliciapaulson.com/studio.html or Anna Maria Horner http://www.annamariahorner.com/aboutstudio.html or Heather Bailey http://heatherbailey.typepad.com/heather_bailey/2007/02/the_studio.html they all make me want to go make a beautiful studio!

Catie said...

Hello All, I posted my respose on my blog so read on...

Princess Caitlin said...

ooh, I love color!
My room is painted very like the color in that first picture.

As a matter of fact, both of those rooms are a lot like what I have envisioned my room would look like if I could actually manage to do that.

At the moment of this post, we have very similar taste.