Monday, August 18, 2008

Things that cause inspiration.

All right clearly I am on a kick right now of being inspired. So if you are tired of it...forgive me and humor me:) Below I have pictures of things around my house that inspire me and why they do.....please follow my lead and show me what around you inspires you. I have LOVED the beautiful rooms and colors etc you all have sent my way-Ellie I must confess your pictures were my favorite thus far:) but trust me ladies no one was a disappointment with the beauty they brought. So here goes-pictures of what has inspired me lately....or really better put-things that whenever I see them make me happy:)

This beautiful little teacup is so feminine and makes drinking anything far more pleasurable.

I love coffee and the beauty of freshly pulled shots of espresso....our little espresso machine makes me happy when I see it and drink from it. (latte with one splenda and cinnamon sprinkled on top)

This lovely little tackle type box is perfection for storing all my tea-for some reason when things are on display I use them more often...and this one makes me smile upon passing.

My kitchen is full of blue shades...this tray with the glorious gold is wonderful...and I randomly placed this bird hanging thing by them one day to just get it out of the way-I love the silhouettes of the birds showing against the just might stay there.

Latte bowls in scrumptious colors....why can't eating get even better?!
I was inspired to get a typewriter after Abby Dennis brought hers over and I saw first hand the true vintage beauty of the sound of the keys and the typeography it creates. I had to have one....and so my wonderful husband brought me one home from work (no worries...he paid for it:)) I am having such a blast using it-minus the whole no erasing aspect.

I just bought new watercolor paints and whenever I get new artsy tools I love creating....this being the first work done with the new paint I love it all the more. I want to look normal and cute wearing tights like that-but I think those days are gone....thank goodness for Isabelle:)Anthropologie was having a sale on their rugs when I was there last...this one had to go to my bathroom. The colors are perfection and the design stroked my fancy. (sorry if that sounds a bit is not meant to)

During this stage when I am using only a diaper bag (no purse) I have had to place the majority of my bags in the laundry room....but they are lovely to see when I am working down there.I love my husband.....he loves computers....I had to paint what was on my mind...which (big shocker) was him:) Sidenote-his legs/hips are not strangely square such as this drawing...that is merely a display of my lack of talent.

Something I true and so pretty when typed. I want to type everything!

My basement has a small concrete area behind this door, which is where I do laundry. It is also where I created this fun little sewing sew so fun;)
Journals are a love affair I have had since high school. Not normal journals full of words-journals full of exactly what I am doing here-inspiration in picture form, poem form, anything and everything. I LOVE to journal like that-if you have never try it!!
I love this little pencil bag I made, the pattern of the bag is so fun and I found it at a nearby resale shop. I love pencil pouches because they make me think of being so little.
Love the colors here and the letter a in the steel.
Got this rug for $2. It is super girly which is not always me, but it has a little personality and that pushed me over the edge of buying.
I love to store Isabelle's toys in different totes all around the house. (easy clean-up) But this one is certainly one of my favorites from a flea market-you can see all the toys and it makes me remember how fun she is and childhood is! or should be!!
A shelf on my bookcase....old books in lovely colors, a bird and what looks to me like a circular (spherical) nest. I love the mix of textures and colors.
I love candle holders....even better when waxing worn candles sit in them. I need to find some fun brass ones.Well that is all of them for now-please show me yours. It really is such a fun exercise! Loves to you all!
High Point: Chicken tortilla soup being the soup of the day at the resturant Nate and I enjoyed lunch at.
Low Point: Sweating so much that I have lines coming through my shirt where my stomach is....and that was only after being outside for 2 minutes:(


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed the pictures. I know I sent you Anna Maria Horner's studio pics, but then I realized she has amazing pics of her entire house! Check them out

I love all your little bundles of inspiration! It's so great to have things you love sitting around your house waiting for you to notice them!

abby said...

hooray for typewriters! very exciting. thanks again for the lovely evening, and for putting up with my nervous antics.