Monday, August 3, 2009


So I cut my hair-a few inches...nothing too shocking. (I have cut my own hair for a long time...and highlight much cheaper and you can do it whenever you have a free moment-very nice) Anyhow, I decided to cut Isabelle's hair. Well-things did not go as well as hoped. I did it while she was running around-first and biggest mistake. It was all going well until one fatal cut. I almost cried. It was the side/front of her hair I luckily it is the part she always wears in a hair tye-but oh my!! I kept telling Nate she looked like an 80's style rocker. The front part of her hair was a blunt cut that angled from shorter to longer starting at the back going to the front. I will confess that when she woke up this morning it didn't look as bad since she had slept on it and made it a little more normal. Anyhow-I included pictures, but not ones of her hair down. I vowed I could not do that to her or me. Honest-I really can cut hair.

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