Friday, August 28, 2009

I love my little boy!!!

I must confess, when I first found out I was pregnant with a boy I was a little bummed. I LOVED having a girl and Isabelle was (and still is) such a love!! I felt like little boy clothes were so lame and hard to accessorize for a little man. I doubted that any child would be as easy to love as Isabelle. ( I think this is the fear of every mother of one....until she has her second and realizes it is sooooo wonderful and easy to love another just as dearly) Anyhow-I had Judah and oh my does he have me wrapped around his finger. He coos and smiles in the most precious ways!! I could stare at him and chat for hours. He truly goes from a normal face to a full blown face of joy when I just say is heavenly!!! Little boys, or this little boy, is precious. He seems to be saying "I will protect you mommy, I will love you always mommy..." even though he is still such little nug. (nug is a term of endearment I use for a small wonderful things) I love thinking that he probably is so much like what his daddy was at that age....sweeter than sugar and just so wonderful to talk to-nothing changed in Nate when he got older:)...I hope the same stays true for Judah.

I love when I am nursing him and his body is in a the complete state of peace. He just lays there, holding my hand and staring at me or dozing off. I love him. My first impulse was wrong. Enough said.

If you need proof that he is the sweetest, check out Exhibit A below.

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