Thursday, June 28, 2012

the popcorn shop

If you live where I do then you probably already know about this place. It is one of the most magical places I have been. It is a candy and popcorn shop that is literally the size of a hallway...a narrow hallway at that...but even that quirky part of it is one of the magical bits.

Opening the bright red door you squeeze into this little brick nook of childhood. One whole side of the hall is filled top to bottom with clear little containers of candy. All sorts of candy. Every kind of candy you could ever want. 

At the entrance of the door stands a little monkey figurine that is holding a bubble gum bucket filled with  a stack of small, white, paper bags. You grab one of those bags and start the journey of picking and choosing what goodies are going to fill it up. Those white bags...I could truthfully salivate at the thought of them....they are perfect. I feel 5 years of age when holding one of them filled with candy that I cannot wait to eat.

I should mention the smell in that little shop too. There is nothing like its' smell. The popcorn is being cooked at the end of the hallway and the candy fills the front of it-so just imagine those two smells mixing together into a warm delicious scent filling up that bitty hallway.

 Tonight while my little family was filling up their bags I saw two grown men come in. They grabbed the tiny white bags and stuck their grown-men hands into the small candy bins, right alongside my kids.  And as they fill their bags up...there was a sparkle in their eyes because for those few minutes they were transporting themselves to their childhood....and that is what I mean by there is magic at the Popcorn Shop. 

No matter what your age you have a feeling of childhood when you enter that hall. I love it. I will always love it. And I especially love that I can vividly remember going there as a small child and now I watch my little beans experiencing  wonderful when you can share an experience like that with your child.

 PS: their popcorn is to die for too


katielicht said...

my favorite thing about the popcorn shop is that we almost never spend more than 60 cents on candy there! so cheap.

Rachel Jones said...

Yes! That's exactly how I feel about that place! Love it.