Thursday, June 28, 2012

her version of a secret garden

My sweet Belle loves to create scenarios and situations in which she gets to take on different roles and personas. I love to see her doing this because it is so much the way I was as a child. We have old videos from when I was her age and it is boderline creepy how similar we act, sing and dance. So weird.

Anyway, it should not have come as any surprise to me when little Isabelle came inside asking for a few bowls of food for her "secret area" outside. I immediatly filled up the bowls (children's imaginations are precious things that should be daily encouraged) and headed outside to see this world she had created. It did not disappoint-especially when I could see it through her eyes...a quiet, hidden little nook where she could daydream and play life out any way she wanted....we all need a spot like that don't we?

I especially love the way she cleared the little dirt table and then instantly knew that bowls of food needed to be on it. Me and that girl...we are alike. 

Where is your favorite secret little spot to hang out??


Angela said...

I love that last pic. So cute. My secret little nook is inside my own bedroom. It's where I go for sanctuary!

Bear said...

Your's my retreat :-) love you!