Friday, June 8, 2012

Ruth Isabelle Hinchcliff

My mom's mother died when she was 19. I hate that. I have no idea how one handles growing up from 19 years of age without a mom. My mom did an amazing job of it though. I hate that she missed out on having her mom see her get married, have 4 kids, be an amazing mother...all of it. I hate that she missed out on meeting me-or what I should say is that I missed out on meeting her.

I don't usually dwell on this in my life. Having never met her the wound of her being gone is not the same as if I had known her and in turn knew just what I was missing. But the other day I was painting and I ached. I ached to meet her and talk to her and ask her for artistic advice. I ached to hear stories about my mom and to laugh and see just how much of her my mom had in her. It just made me sad. I missed her...and I didn't even know her.

I sent a quick email to my mom-letting her know I was missing her mom. And this is what she wrote back to me.

You’re sweet.  I wish you had known her too. You would have had so much fun talking art with her!   But Abby, you will meet her someday, when we are gathered with Jesus. 
There is much over the years I have grieved: not having her for my marriage, my children, my joys and my sorrows.  She was amazing, and left her imprint on me,  but the Lord tenderly took me to Himself, and shaped me most.
I love you so much!

It made me cry. I cried because I knew that every part of her email was true. We would have had fun together. I will get to meet her one day. My mom has grieved the loss of her mother. The Lord has taken care of my mom in beautiful and powerful ways. I cried because it was all true.

Some day my beautiful Ruth Isabelle Hinchcliff I will meet you...and we will be singing praises to our Savior. And that gives me great cause to celebrate!


Angela said...

I teared up reading this. Isn't it wonderful that we can rely on God's promises? Your grandma would have been so incredibly proud of her granddaughters. You and your sisters are amazing women. Fo sho! :)

the cuthberts said...

so sweet. and yes, painful to not have your mom with you at big life events...but I, too, am so excited for a heavenly reunion :)