Tuesday, June 19, 2012

get on board the wagon

I remember when she casually pulled out a few dresses for me to look at. "I made them with different fabrics I had laying around...what do you think? Do you think people would buy them?" I stared in awe. How can someone make these I wondered? I have sat down at a sewing machine enough times to know that things like this are not "easy"...they are hard. Very hard. Her dresses were perfection. The hodge podge of fabrics was one of my favorite elements to it. No two were the same-each so cute and so wearable. I have too often fallen for those cute items that are never really to be worn for fear of destruction. Not these pieces....this woman had three small children...she got it. Childrens' clothing needs to be wearable, washable and if possible-adorable. She did it.

I begged her to come to an open house we had at my sisters where we sell different handmade items. She sold skirts, dresses, headbands....every piece just as perfect as the last. There was a skirt there that slayed me. Two tiered ruffles-super girly-too small for my biggest too big for my smallest. Tragedy. I did not purchase it. True story-two weeks later I spotted it at the church nursery on another little girl. "Where did you get that skirt?" I suspiciously and jealously asked the child's mother. "It was a gift someone bought her from an handmade open house." Dagger to the heart. It was perfect.

Fast forward. This woman, Kristen Deese, has now opened an Etsy shop. If you do not know what Etsy is you need to. Stop reading and go there now....your mind will be blown. Her shop has all the perfect little outfits she was selling and then some. She can do custom orders and her pieces are lovely. She gave me one of those perfect skirts in the right size for my Belle....I do not know who loves her more now me or Isabellle?! How cute is it?

 Her shop can be found here

Baby showers, nieces, grandchildren, daughters...there is even some  things for boys...check it out!! And help a sister out-this woman is raising three little ones and creating beautiful clothing to make a buck or two...I think we can all relate to that!


Angela said...

Kristen's stuff is amazing. She's so talented!

the cuthberts said...

I'd like that for myself. adorable

Jessica Kiger said...

Love how your little one is posing! Priceless.

Mandy said...

I haven't heard from Kristen in years! Her stuff is adorable! And your little one is too cute