Thursday, October 2, 2014


If you know me you know that I am living in my dream home. Our family has lived in it for just over a year and my love for it has not waned since the moment I first walked in the door. The house seems as if it was made for me...minus one thing. Just one.
A fireplace.
I would live by my fireplace in our last house. I spent hours letting that bonfire smell seep into my clothing and hair as it filled the entire house. I miss my fireplace. In effort to have something fill the void I was feeling I decided to jump on the candle bandwagon.
Candles have always been something I enjoy. The mood they set, the glow they give how candles transport life into a magical place. However, I never really understood scented candles. It seemed strange to me to come in a home smelling of sugar cookies only to discover that nothing had actually been baked. That disappointment paired with my association of scented candles being used to mask a bad smell while house hunting and you'll understand why candles of any scent never really had a place in my house. All that being said I made the leap into the scented candle world and I would love to share my favorites but more importantly glean from you all as to what candles I should be trying.
Below are my top three favorites as of right now.
1. Orange Clove
The name says it all. Not sickly sweet, tons of citrus balanced off with a spicy clove. I burned this one up far too fast and realize (too late) that it was limited edition at Anthro last year. I am hoping it comes back!
2. Autumn Night
A recent run to Bath and Body Works ended with the purchase of this candle. I enjoy how the scent fills the house and lingers in a subtle manner. The scent is reminiscent of men's cologne. I am drawn to more "masculine" scents when it comes to perfume as well as candles since they don't make the nose itch, they have a warmth to them and they are easy to smell for longer periods of time.
3. Volcano (I think that is the name) from Anthro
This candle is the only second purchase of the same scent I have ever made. Normally this scent can be purchased at Anthropologie and comes in a bright blue glass container. Last year however they had a special antiqued glass version of it for sale and I snatched it up. The glow of the light through the etched silver is romantic and festive. The brightness of this scent can be a little to dominating for me so I usually only have it burn for an hour max before needing to cover it up and put it away. Scent is one of our strongest memory triggers so I have no doubt that my main reason for loving this one is tied to the fact that Anthropologies usually have this sucker burning while you shop. Pleasant memory indeed!

So there you have my top three candles of the season....what are yours? Please, please share!

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