Friday, October 24, 2014


Ever wondering what other people are doing at a certain time in the day? I often do. I decided to text a few girlfriends right at noon, asking them to share a photo of their life at that moment. Here is what I got.

"Waiting to put Gwen down to sleep at my sister's so I can go to an ultrasound."

"In the chip aisle...and tired."

"Rocking my baby to sleep."

"Sucking bright green snot out of my 10 month olds' nose...for the 20th time today...please try to contain your jealousy."
"This is my reality right there." (andrea is due with babe #2 in a week!!)

I loved seeing these shots. It is just neat knowing what others are doing while we plug away in our own little houses. Beware, I just might send you a text asking the same thing.
What can I say? I'm curious like a cat...that's why my friends call me whiskers (if you have never seen Will Ferrell playing Harry Carry then disregard the last sentence)

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