Tuesday, October 7, 2014

A little busy...

I could  come on here and say I have been so busy because I have four kids now. I could say I am so busy because I have a 2 week old. I could say I am not functioning because lack of sleep....but the honest reality of it all is none of those things are entirely true. The kids have been wonderful and helpful. Little Eliza Mae blends in flawlessly to our family and she sleeps at night. (WHAT?? A NEWBORN THAT SLEEPS?! I HAVE NEVER HAD ONE OF THESE AND IT IS THE BEST!!) The reason I have been a little busy is because time with a newborn is in turbo speed and it makes me all sentimental about her and all my babies growing up. I treasure new stages but find myself mourning the moving on from the tiny years. So, while this slim slice of time is slow and not too filled with scheduled demands I am doing all the cuddling I can. I like that kind of busy.

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