Thursday, October 16, 2014

Evening Walks

Evening walks have become a little bit of our thing as of late.  During this slice of time when physical activity is limited for me paired with the older two being at school for a few hours, by the evening we all are pretty wired. The college campus by us is always a gorgeous walk, but add in the beauty of the changing season and it is stunning. For me there has always been something energizing about walking around on a college campus.  I spent many afternoons in highschool perched in one of the trees there so I think it has quite a bit of nostalgia for me as well. All my walks start or end on front campus.
As we started out on the walk I shared my brilliant idea of grabbing hot chocolate at the Stupe  while in route. Nate agreed it would be a happy addition to the crisp evening. It was. Now Judah did end up spilling his hot chocolate outside all over the ground, but luckily Nate and I were happy to share. It felt like I was doing a grown-up version of the things I loved about my college (walks, drinks at our student union) and it was comforting and special to me in a different way.
As I watched Isabelle my heart started to swell. Her outfit and hat reminded me of a college kid, then add the drink from the Stupe and the fact that she kept calling it coffee and my heart hurt as I realized how quickly the years already are passing. Too soon my sweet Belle will be a brave woman walking on a college campus and all grown up.
The realization made me savor this family walk even more. Precious times that will not always be mine.
On our way back home we discovered the Wheaton Warrenville South band playing outside of the Chapel to kick-off the college's music series. We stopped and listened for quite some time. I shared with Nate my many memories of the band playing "Eye of the Tiger" while I ran beneath the football bleachers with other little 8 year olds while my parents watched the game. Every thing on that walk felt like a visit to my former years-doing it with my sweet clan of 4 babies felt surreal  and I treasured it.
Eventually we headed home and found ourselves holding our two year old as she wailed, "I want the Tigers." (so much for Wheaton North loyalty)
All in all, the evening walk was a treat. It reminds me of what a 93 year old woman said in a recent post I saw on facebook "If you force yourself to go outside, something wonderful always happens!" 
It certainly did. Make sure you have time for outside.

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