Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Almost every parent I know has an assortment of swaddling blankets. Eliza is the first of my children that actually enjoys being swaddled, but that did not stop me from purchasing blankets for my other babes. I used them (and still do) for burp clothes, normal blankets and to cover the car seat when the wind was just a bit too much. Swaddling blankets can be found at any baby store...but I can assure you that you will not find one as beautiful as the one my friend Kate makes.

Kate lives in a stunning farmhouse with her hubby and two sweet little girls. You can read about her life here. The win for all of us is she just started up an Etsy shop, Sweet Mama Makes. Her store offers a few different things but when I heard she was going to be making swaddling blankets I could not wait to see what she would come up with.
Kate is one of those beautiful women who are blessed with creative talent, but not simply in a standard way. Her relationship with colors is inspiring. Her blend of femininity and edginess captivating. She has the biggest heart and crafts things with all of it.  
Her blankets did not disappoint.
When I opened her hand sewn swaddling blanket I was in love. The color, the pom-pom edge, the feel of the fabric, the size of it. I immediately wrapped Eliza up in it and found myself just staring, admiring how a simple blanket added instant elegance and beauty...Kate has the ability to do that.
When Eliza is grown and no longer needs a blanket I seriously am plotting to use this as a scarf/shawl of some sort because why not?!
Christmas is coming, babes are being born, beds need accessorizing...all good reasons to go look at what lovely Kate has to offer.
And now I leave you with my darling babe and her new blanket.

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Nancy said...

That baby definitely has the family look! What a cutie.