Saturday, October 4, 2014

Store Opening

Naperville's Anthropologie Store Opening Preview
My sweet friend Leah invited me (and my littlest) to be her special guest at the Naperville's Anthro opening. It was so fun getting out and "window" shopping with a swarm of women who were as excited as I was to have an Anthro nearby (sorta nearby). There were delicious drinks (still daydreaming about them), a gelato station, finger foods brought to you as you browsed and the most upbeat and friendly staff ever. Everyone was dressed for the occasion and it was energizing seeing such unique and fashionable pieces since my world as of late has greatly lacked in that area.  Eliza slept the entire time and Leah gracious listened as I offered a running commentary on every clothing item in the store. What can I say-I haven't gotten out shopping much and I was on a high. Here are a few shots from the night of the lovely new store.   

Oh Anthropologie we love you, even if most of your price tags read $98 or more.


kate said...

So fun! I was there yesterday and also noticed the friendly staff...they weren't annoyed like most other Anthro workers (sorry if any of your readers work there...).

katie said...

WHAT THE HECK. I didn't know a new anthro opened in naperville!! I guess that makes up for the fact they closed my favorite location (geneva commons) last year.

there's a new j. crew there too. which means... i should go nowhere near downtown naperville if I want to have money left in our bank account.

abby said...

Katie, The Jcrew is right next door to the Anthro place so be warned! And yes...Geneva Commons was my favorite too!