Wednesday, October 22, 2014

three smart choices

Below are three clothing items you will not regret having in your wardrobe.
 Free People Top (which comes in many colors)
Zella Black Leggings (thank you Jen and Rachel for the suggestion)
Booties (I found mine at Salvation Army but countless stores have great options right now)
The reason these are smart choice are because....
1. You can wear them no matter what your size.  
An example of this is that I have worn the Free People top before I was pregnant, during my pregnancy and while nursing. It has adapted along with my body and helped me feel put together and comfortable at the same time. The leggings obviously have to be worn under the belly while pregnant but are especially amazing early post-pardum since they have a large waistband that holds you in and leaves you smooth. Booties, as with all shoes, work great no matter what weight or height you are.
2. They are not limited to a certain season.
The top can be worn alone, paired with a jacket, layered over a long sleeve shirt, or underneath a chunky sweater. Leggings can be great in the summer, worn with dresses and booties in the fall and long sweaters with tall boots in winter. Booties again know no season and look cute both alone or styled with fun tights.
3. Any age can wear them and not look like they are trying too hard.
Hopefully no explanation needs to be made here. But as further support to my statement let me just say I have seen a high school girl wearing this outfit and I have seen a grandmother wearing this outfit and both looked equally lovely and age appropriate!
Any smart clothing choices I should be making? I always am up for purchasing something that fits well within those three rules.


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