Thursday, October 9, 2014

A talented woman

Handwriting has been an area of interest and fascination for me since first grade. When I stumble across handwritten notes or scribbled bits of paper at estate sales I feel as though I have found a little hidden treasure. People use to write with such flair!
More than sketching or drawing I usually find myself writing out words and embellishing them with a border of flowers or some poorly executed banner. It is therapeutic to scribble out letters on a page.
When I discovered my dear friend Joanna had a similar passion (and a superior talent) it thrilled me. Many times I glance over at her during our Bible study simply to see how she has filled the study's pages with the beauty that is her natural handwriting.  Lovely handwriting comes naturally to her. When little Eliza Mae was born one of the things Joanna brought me when she visited in the hospital was my babe's name, written out so perfectly. I hung it in her room as soon as I arrived home and love that it is both elegant and simple. I know I will always have it.

Well, just this past week Joanna decided to open an Etsy shop and basically I love every item in it. The prices are a steal-especially when you think of the fact that a Hallmark card costs as much as one of these handmade beauties. I was plotting Christmas gifts as I imagined framing a few lines from one of my family member's favorite hymns, or verses or books. What a special baby presents to give a friend with her newborns' name written out. Or send one of her prints in place of a letter to a dear friend with words to encourage their heart. The options really are endless with what these sweet pieces of artwork could be used for.

all images taken from Panner's Pen

Joanna of course has no idea I am doing this. She would be far too modest to allow it which is why I did not even ask her if she minded. (sorry Joanna) But please do go check out her shop and spread the word. She writes killer addresses for wedding invites (or Christmas cards) as well....just fyi. Find her shop here.

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