Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Thin, crispy and topped with delicious ingredients.
Homemade pizza is one of my go to meals so pizza dough can readily be found in my fridge. I have a few dough recipes I like but lately have been using hers. Sometimes however I am craving a more upscale version of the red sauce and mozzarella pizza. Enter the flatbread.
 I like that when I make flatbreads my dough goes twice as far since I half the amount used to ensure the crunch I crave. On a whim once I rubbed white balsamic all over my rolled out dough and it was spot on! It adds divine flavor as it soaks into the crust and offers just a hint of sweet to contrast the salty goodness I like to sprinkle on. 
When I made this flatbread last night (my hubby and I were on a strange eating schedule and decided to feed the kids early and enjoy our little flatbread with a glass of white wine over our new favorite hulu show Blue Bloods once everyone was down for the night). It came together in about 20 minutes, start to finish and was so good! Nate even commented that it was better than anything we could order anywhere. It was pretty good and to be honest we were really hungry which never hurts in making something taste amazing.  I sprinkled freshly grated parmesan cheese liberally all over, tossed bits of smoked bacon I had left over from another meal, some goat cheese and the white balsamic.
It was good! If you have never experimented with flavor/ingredient combinations on a flatbread then I highly urge you to start! I have done some random pairings and somehow a flatbread always makes them come together in a scrumptious way.

Let me know if you find a combination I need to try because believe me when I say flatbread is gonna be on the menu rotation for a while!

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