Tuesday, September 30, 2014

For Plucking

I ran out to the store, desperate to purchase a new set of tweezers. Somehow someone sat on ours and the two tips no longer meet up, which makes it particularly difficult to use. I scanned the wall of tweezers offerings at Walgreens and chose a set of two mini Tweezerman tweezers. I realized as I was checking out that one of the tweezers had a bizarre shaped head and one had the typical slanted head. It seemed daunting to use the bizarre shaped one since the tip looked more like a torture tool than a tweezers, but since the mini double pack was cheaper than the single normal sized tweezers I purchased them anyway. I am so glad I did. Let me just say I will never use slanted tweezers again. This pointed tip is ideal for grabbing those itty bitty hairs that seem to disappear the moment you bring a tweezers to them. These allow for such precision you have to remind yourself not to go overboard. (please ladies don't go overboard with the brows!!)

Have you ever seen ones like this? Ever tried them? Well you should.

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