Friday, September 12, 2014

Dreaming in Dresses

Dresses and skirts are my favorite things to wear. I enjoy the femininity of dresses and always find it a win when a single piece of clothing can be considered an entire outfit. I know with nursing in my near future that some dresses will be off limits for a time, but that certainly is not going to stop me from daydreaming about them.  I jumped over to Madewell today and took a peek at their new dresses coming. I appreciate Madewell's ability to be simple, cute and realistic in their clothing options. And please don't get me thinking about the tights I would pair with these lovelies because I might not ever stop!  Here are a few of the dresses that caught my eye....what are you dreaming about lately in the clothing category?
 Sessùn™ Hurakan Dress
Long-Sleeve Tunic Dress
Skyscape Dress in Colorblock
Indigo Linen Tunic Dress in Ink Shell
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