Monday, September 8, 2014

White Nail Polish

    I blame it on my friend across the street. I ask her over nearly every day and probably about two times a week is she able to jump over and talk with me. Sitting and talking with a girlfriend in the middle of the day feels like a luxury and I soak it all up. We are both pregnant too and have great fun sharing stories of what is taking place in our bodies that week. But I am getting distracted....this post is about white nail polish.

    Lately my friend's had these killer white nails. Not too white (remember when we painted our nails with white out in middle school? Just me...oh.)but just the right balance of opaqueness and the slightest hint of pink. I would eye her nails every time she came over. Her white nails read classy, clean, fresh...and I was craving it all. I have an arsenal of nail polishes. Truly. And any of you are more than welcome to come borrow a shade any time you like! But for the life of me my whites and pinks and nudes did not come off with the same crispness as hers. I tried. I think I tried three different shades in attempt to emulate her nails and all of them fell short.
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  Why I never asked her what the color was on her nails from the get-go is beyond me, but one day I asked. "Wink of Pink" by Sally Hansen. The name describes it well. I looked for it at Ulta and couldn't find it....which was probably lucky since I have more nail polish than a normal human and even with an insanely gracious husband I don't want to push the envelope too much. She kindly lent me her bottle which I accepted and splashed all over my nails the moment it was in my hands. But a good color nail polish needs to be owned. Ya know? However, often by the time I obsess over a color enough to purchase it then I soon get over this has not happened yet but my fear of it is hovering (as well as the 100 nail polishes reminding me I can make do without this specific color).

But....but...if you are in the market for a good white/pink nail polish then I would recommend this one. Also, if you have a favorite in this color family please share it with us! And see you all soon for a nail painting party at my house because I am not kidding about loving to share my shades.

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Blomgrens said...

Now I feel I should try to go white! I've been brave lately with my darkest and brightest colors but WHITE, nope. I love painting my nails too and do it almost weekly. I'll come over and use yours soon but it sounds like I'll have a hard time deciding which color to choose!