Friday, September 26, 2014

my new "diaper bag"

 My darling husband gave me this "diaper bag" from Madewell and I have been dying to use it. I disciplined myself, waiting until the babe was actually here until I broke it out. The bag is amazing. Not only does it have that intoxicating smell of new leather it also is huge. I swoon over huge bags. And since this is serving as my diaper bag and newborns often need a good amount of stuff I have had no trouble filling it.

what's in my bag
1.hobo international grey wallet
2. Extra gum
3. pen
4. nursing pads-in case things get out of hand
5. ziplock bag filled with my on-the-go makeup
6. extra outfit and pants for the babe since blow outs are all part of the territory
7. newborn diaper and travel wipes
8. burp cloth
9. binky
10. hand sanitizer
11. cream for easing pain that can come from nursing
12. diaper cream

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