Friday, June 13, 2008

Why I love my Family

So today started out great....Nate surprised me and told me he would be staying home this whole morning with me:) The reason behind this being I must ask him every other day to stay home with me (I love him that much alright) or to go out to breakfast with me. So today HE DID! We went to eat at Egglectic, which to be honest is just not my favorite....nothing compares to Egg Harbor...nothing! Anyhow, we enjoyed our breakfast eating eggs, drinking coffee and feeding Isabelle pancakes:) She really is the cutest. Then we were off to some garage sales. No purchases that would rock the world...but I like what I got. Then Nate journeyed off to work and I went to my mom's house.

My sister in law Karen is staying there right now since they just sold their house and have not bought a new one yet. My brother James lives there too obviously but he just left today for Vietnam to do some teaching for 10 Karen and her baby Ann are alone. She and I loaded up the babies and drove to Geneva for the best place in the world ANTHROPOLOGIE!! I cannot ever get enough of that shop. After us both striking gold..and needing to for the price tag on things there-we both left with a bag full of new clothes. It felt good!

We got home, watched a bit of the foodnetwork and then Nate was done with work. We ran to Portillos and grabbed dinner which we brought home and ate. Chopped salad for me with no pasta extra cheese!! YUM. Then we went to Mom and Dad's again and played a round of Up and Down the River. I think we have played this with them the last few weekends...but tonight we got to add Karen which was QUITE fun! Everyone gets ridiculously goofy when we play-which makes it sooo wonderful. Mom won, me second, Nate third, Karen fourth, Dad (shockingly and totally unlike himself) in last.

We then played the game you bet people they cannot do things or that you could outdo them in an activity...for example dad started with "I can do 3 push-ups" and Nate and I bid up to him until it bid on 24 push ups. (Mom and Karen declared they cannot even do one, so they were out of the bid) Therefore I proved, to the impressed faces of those men that I can indeed do 24 push ups! It was a wonderful night....I love my family!
High Point: Nate staying home with me this morning while Isabelle stayed asleep until (record breaking) 9:30am!!
Low Point: Upon seeing my outfit in the huge beautiful mirrors at Anthro I realized two things...maybe three 1. the shirt was too small I was wearing 2. the shorts were grossly wrinkled that I was wearing 3. I looked huge in what I was wearing....low point that I quickly rectified by buying cute clothes that do not look like painted on black patterned tattoo shirts!

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