Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Married Two Years....LOVE IT!

Since today marks the two year anniversary of me and my wonderful Nate's marriage I am in quite the wonderful mood! He is taking off the whole afternoon to come and play with me and Isabelle...and then tonight my sweet parents are not only watching Isabelle while we go out to dinner-they also are paying for it as a gift to us. They really are the best!
This is where we have decided to go to dinner tonight. It is called The White Chocolate Grille. There menu is amazing....desserts are listed first:) I have been there twice and have not been disappointed. Let me tell you if you go get either the white chocolate brownie (a no brainer...but it is unbelievably sweet-I could not handle having it all unless there was a large espresso helping me wash it down) and the apple dessert. I am not a huge...yeah I love apples in dessert...but really this is a deep fried donut like thing with apple flavor and caramel drizzled all over...get it!

So that is the plan for tonight. Who knows what fun we will have today. I love Nate so much and let me take a few moments to tell you all why.
1. Nate loves the Lord...loves who the Lord has made him to be...loves how the Lord has changed his life...loves how the Lord meets his every need
2. Nate is the kindest person I have EVER met. Now keep in mind I live with him and we have never been apart! (true fact: since the day we got married we have not spent one day apart from each other...may scare you but we LOVE it!!) To be able to say that he is the kindest really is saying a lot. He never gets angry, never looses his temper, never is mean-spirited. He is kind! It is beautiful.
3. Nate is so organized and good at being a MAN. He takes care of so much of our house stuff (payments, mantinence, grass mowing, issues) and knows how to do everything. I mean the man seems like he came from the womb knowing how to fix any problem. The other day the drying we freaking out...I mention it and what do I know but Nate has taken apart the drying (gotten eletricuted, and cut) and fixed the problem. He just knows how to be that part of a man-I love it!
4. Nate is a lover. No, I am not going to go into the wonderful things of Nate being MY lover...I am just going to say that Nate is someone who loves well. He loves deeply and he shows it with selfless acts always. I feel like he never tires of serving me and is always looking for opportunities to serve me. Almost once a week Nate will truly ask me "Abby, how can I love you better?" I mean...I am so blessed to get this one!
5. Nate is a goofball. When we first married I would say I was the one that was craziest and silliest...little did I know that I would rub off on Nate in an outrageous way. He is soooooo FUN! We lay in bed so many times at night and just laugh at our immature play. He really has the best comic timing and knows just what will tickle my funny bone. He physically never minds making a fool of himself if a good laugh will follow-I love it. He lets me be a goof too and there are few things that will bring a couple closer than laughing together often.
6. Nate is the most beautiful father. I will not write much here because for some reason this always gets me emotional...as it is now. But Nate loves our little girl, cares for her, protects her and delights in her the way every little girl (and mother) would dream!
7. Nate makes me feel beautiful and desired every time we are together. I know that Nate finds me stunning and lovely (and ladies I am not one of the women that really is both of those things all the time...he just only has eyes for me) because he pours over me compliments and attention. He vocalizes every day that he wants to have time with JUST ME where he can just sit and talk with me. I never feel ignored, or unattractive, or boring-he brings out the things I love about myself because he loves those things about me well.

Now I could go on and on....but already I think I have gushed a bit too much. I cannot help myself when it comes to Nate. He is that amazing!

Now, back to my day. So after a rather long night of Isabelle getting up constantly (yesterday was her cousin Ann's 1st birthday party and Isabelle ate cake, went swimming, partied hard...that might have something to do with it) I commited to getting up at 7:00. Isabelle helped me make a yummy latte...(skim milk, double shot, splenda and cinnamon on top)

and then she went down for her nap around 10:30. Things are so quiet when she is sleeping. Nice break always-but if I had to choose I would have her sweet little voice chirping all day. She has started to say "Ma..." and sometimes "MaMa" when she sees me or wants me. I cannot help myself I love that girl. This morning as I was looking in the mirror at us I decided it would be a good idea to post pictures of the everyday. Not just the blog worthy photos (you know what I mean, where you look cute and thin) but the ugly ones too. So I have posted some, this is me this morning when I roll out of bed to take care of Isabelle. (in complete fairness I will let you know that some nights I wear a very cute nightgown to bed...this just was not one of the nights:))

Well, now that those pictures have been posted and everyone is wondering how in the world does she still have dignity and self-esteem....I will just let you know...it is fun to show the real you. Oh, one last thing I wanted to post was a great little piece of furniture Nate and I got at this antique place down the road. We LOVE IT and have it in our office so I get to stare at it whenever I blog and it makes me HAPPY!!


Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary! Have fun tonight! I hope you get to war the cute nightgown tonight ;) (sometimes I so miss all the 'girl' talk that went on in the rooms of 3rd West...I wonder what we would say now...)

Blomgren2 said...

I hope your anniversary was wonderful. I loved seeing your words about Nate, that is so encouraging and I am so happy that you have each other. I also absolutely love your idea about posting raw pictures of you. I am tempted. We'll see. I love being real with people and that is one reason I appreciate you so much, you're real!