Wednesday, June 18, 2008


This morning started out with Isabelle getting up at 6 am. She simply wanted to be in bed with me and Nate and was quite entertaining when she finally arrived. Though my eyes were far from being wide open....she is such a crack-up and there is something really sweet about a baby, your husband and you being in a large white bed so early in the morning that birds are hear outside the window.

I was so tired though because the night before we had stayed out pretty late with mom and dad seward...playing tennis. (more to come on that) and I had a starbucks drink that was NOT decaf. I rolled around in bed for hours for it. So needless to say I was overjoyed when Isabelle went back to sleep once Nate left for work. She got up about an hour later...but an hour is still an hour.

So tennis last night. Now I have played tennis about three times in my life (including last night) it was such a blast. Why is there something so satisfying about smashing a tennis ball. It makes such a lovely noise. The only humiliating thing was that at the court directly next to us were a pair of guys who I swear were auditioning for Wimbledon.(however you spell that high end tennis match thingy) And far far too often we had to crawl over to their court to retrieve one of our pathetically wailed out of court balls. Finally, after about an hour of them being there they decided to move to a court farther away...mumbling something about how the light was better down there....right guys! Anyhow it was such a blast!!!! I love tennis, even if I have no idea what it means to play well and that the only way I use the term love while on the court is to talk to Nate.

The rest of today was nice. I had a lovely lunch with Nate and Isabelle at Egg Harbor...really the best! And decided while out that I wanted new headbands. I think women in headbands always look trendy or artsy or somewhere lovely in between....and besides the fact that I no longer shower everyday and far too often pull my hair back...a headband was a great option. I decided (since Isabelle was down for a nap) to try to make my own. About 6 headbands later I was thrilled with at least half of them. How is that for being domestic. Now keep in mind they are nothing to brag about....but yeah I wore one in public!

After the headbands I went for a nice long walk (cause the weather was perfection today) with Isabelle and talked on the phone with Rachel Cuthbert. I love that girl and am convinced that when she and her husband are out here for Jessica's wedding I will convince them to move down the road. It would be wonderful!

I poked around looking at other people's blogs and daydreaming that I actually knew how to do stuff on a computer and that I could turn my blog into something amazing...but the reality set in when I could only change the color of my homepage. with envy of other people's blogs. But have no husband is a computer genius and I might just have him teach me a thing or two.

Anyhow..we ended the night with Qdoba (vegetarian burrito for me...NOT because I am a vegetarian...I would die....but because I LOVE guca!!) we watched a murder mystery, returned stuff to the starbucks (decaf) and went for a walk outside. It was lovely. I love my little family!

High Point: Discovering that I can indeed make headbands and fiddle de dee with sewing patterns I can teach myself (though it would be something to brag about if I ever could get through a whole sewing pattern....THAT will be the day)
Low Point: Having to get up 5 times last night because Isabelle kept waking up. Who knows why....must have been the caffeine her mama gave her;)

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Bekah Wallace said...

are you going to post pics of the new artfully fantastic headbands? I agree, there is something so confident fashionista/oops I forgot to straighten my hair about headbands. in fact, I rocked that look today for that reason. I want to see your creations!