Friday, June 6, 2008

What a crazy set of days. I fail at being consistent with posting-but not a big deal I am sure since none of you live and die by my posting. If any of you do please let me know so I can make sure and sustain life for you. So recently I have gotten back into running-my wonderful Nate stays home and plays with Isabelle while I run until my face is neon red and I am sweating through every article of clothing I own. This does not mean I run for miles on end...that state of appearance would probably mean I have run about 3 miles. I love remains me of Taylor and how I would run so often there and just run things through in my mind and get out frustrations by slamming my feet on the pavement.

For me there is something so connecting to God when I run. I feel like every verse that applies to the great race...running till the finish...they all come to mind and often bring me to tears. I was running up this hill at the end of my run, struggling to breath and I just felt God reminding me that there are seasons in life when you are running uphill and what seems like the end of a marathon and you cannot even breath or figure out how to put one foot in front of the other-and He is present and He provides. I love running too because it makes me giddy at points (nauseous at others mind you) but yes outright giddy! I could have been seen skipping ridiculously high the other day down President. I have to hold back smiling so big that motorist stare...but sometimes I cannot resist! I think having my ipod playing only aids in the joy.

Today I am watching Hayden Deese and little Isabelle. This is my second day of doing this and I just want to say bless them both for taking naps at the same time. No I am not sitting up here typing while they both wail away in the basement. I should do a bit more right now rather then typing my life out-but sometimes the keyboard just feels soo good beneath my fingers..I have no idea why?!
High Point: Pepper jack cheese, running, Nate's martial art kicks that made me laugh without breath
Low Point: Having a broken cell phone that the store cannot replace the battery until 5 days later-sweet when all you have is a cell phone and it is broken!

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Catie said...

i check this regularly. please write so that I may have life!