Saturday, June 21, 2008

Pictures of headbands and studio

Some of the headbands.....and my awesome furniture find and "art studio" (fine...I had to put one of the little girl too...I could not help myself:))


Catie said...

Abs! I saw your etsy sight had 4 sales! That is SO great! What were the hot items?

I spent all weekend painting and creating so that I can get some things I'd want to sell myself! I can't wait to show you! It is so fun!

Anonymous said...

So fun that you have your own space! You headbands are great! My friend Beth ( just made some headbands too! It must be the cool thing to do!

Anonymous said...

Love the headbands! It is the cool thing to do right now for sure. :)

Anonymous said...

just stumbled upon your blogs looking for headbands. LOVE the ones you cute.

I also adore your curbside find. What a great deal. I only wish that they would do that in our neighborhood.