Monday, June 16, 2008

The need to create

I have discovered in myself the need to create. And not just create for the purpose of creating...which is quite enjoyable...but rather I love having a goal. The goal can be made up or real....makes no difference, but having a goal is somehow more satisfying for me. Right now I am doing all of this stuff on

Both are so fun to do and so exciting for me to daydream about adding to. I just love to create. Sometimes I wonder just what would happen if one of my shops ever really did take off? Would I freak out and quit? Would I rise to the challenge and commit to making money? Who knows...and at the rate of things I do not have to worry about it. But something to think on at least.

Today has been good...Isabelle slept in until 9! This has been a new development...she wakes up to feed around 6 and then goes back down till 9. It is wonderful...except then she is no longer needing her morning nap. So I am adjusting. Parenting is great because just when you get a rythnm they change everything up on you:) Nate came and took Little Belle and me to Egg Harbor...delicious as usual. I sip my to go cup of coffee while I write this. I LOVE getting the coffee to go. It is like having a memento of my favorite resturant with me the rest of the day. Rarely do I drink all the coffee I have brought with me...but today I just might:) Carrie Barnes (ahhh!! not barnes she is a Potts now!!) and I had a phone date today for her lunch break. I walked throughout the neighborhood with Isabelle chatting with her about marriage and adjustments. She needs to move closer and that is just the fact of the matter!

I then came home and played around on Etsy (it is true I am an addict!) and then I went downstairs and painted some birds for what I hope will turn into my niece Ann's birthday present. Karen and James asked me to paint some cute bird pictures for her nursery....but it has been a lot harder than I would have thought it would have been to make. I am doing what I can though and today was a good day for the art! I love that God lets us be creative and made us to be that way! Yesterday He was showing off His stuff when He did the evening clouds! OH MY WORD but they were lovely! It looked like a solar eclipse...but rather then the moon passing in front of the sun it was a cloud. It really was glorious and just makes me smile and say...Dang Lord, You get art and you ROCK IT! He is awesome!:)

Well, that is the update for today...I want to start adding more pictures to my blog so lets see if that goal holds up. If anyone has requests about things they want me to talk about besides my everyday PLEASE let me I said at the start...I love doing things with a goal in mind and it would be a goal if someone asked something specific. Love to all.
High Point: I say eating at Egg Harbor with Nate and Isabelle like every other day...but truly when the food and company are that good how can I not?
Low Point: Isabelle falling from her standing position (with the aid of a chair) face down to the floor...poor little peanut has quite the bruise!


Anonymous said...

I wrote a post with the same title a while back! I think I didn't realize my need to create until post-marriage. I'm not exactly sure why that is but I think it has something to do with not being in school any more. I think for me writing papers and doing projects was a creative outlet for me, however now I think sewing and crafting are a lot more fun that school papers! Etsy is totally addicting...

Catie said...

i 100% horribly jealous of your fabulous etsy sites! Oh my word! It is SO fun and amzing! I am so glad you have them...

I my join you my dear friend! YOu are the dear one who insired me and told me I could draw!!

It is fun to have a place to display everything! I look forward to new stuff on your etsy site!!!!

Love you dearly. Thank you for the inspiration!!

emily said...

abby, have you heard about The Creative Family by Amanda Blake Soule (the soulemama blog)? I've just started reading it. So far good.