Thursday, June 12, 2008 me

Isabelle is a sweaty little peanut....literally her head is soaked 70% of the time. Now, if you know me at all you know that I too am pretty sweaty...but activities such as eating and sleeping do not usually get me wet-unlike her. I think she gets some of if from Nate...but oh dear if she already sweats that much wait until she hits puberty. Today is a hot day and we are both sweating. I spent the morning going out to breakfast/lunch with Nate to my favorite Egg Harbor. Cheese omelette with a side of sour cream and bottomless coffee. Sitting and eating that across from Nate and Isabelle really is a dream morning. He spoils me. I love that feeling of being known at the places you eat. For some strange reason it gives me a feeling of belonging when I come into a resturant and I do not have to open my mouth to order-they just know what I want. Why? Who knows-but I love it.

I wish I knew how to sew better...actually I take that back. I wish I had more time to do all that I want artistically. I am not complaining keep in mind because really I spend a few hours a day doing what I want in the art department of my house-but to be really trained in it would be amazing.

I need more cute lounging mom clothes. I have this skin tight pair of capri grey leggins-which do not look so bad I must admit...but I really think I have worn them for about 5 days now:( I love clothes-but feel like I never want to waste a cute outfit on just sitting around the house with Isabelle. That is why I need cute loungy clothes that make me look cute even if it is just little Belle and me.

I am thrilled with progress...I am now 5 pounds away from what I weight before I had Isabelle. Not bad for a girl that gained 69 pounds while pregnant:) No shame...everyone has a baby differently and DON'T YOU FORGET IT LADIES!!! and gentlemen for that matter. But if feels good to be in my old body again. It just was getting too foreign to feel like it was not my body anymore. I think the running has helped even mentally to feel like myself. I do not know how people that have accidents or are going through recovery and cannot physically do what they use to survive. It was interesting to discover just how much of what we are able to do physically defines who we see ourselves as. I do not mean entirely that is where my identity comes from-but I mean before I had Isa I could run a good amount (a ran a mini-marathan ya know) and then afterwards it was like murder to try to get it all moving. So I feel alive and refreshed when I can let my body do what it is use to being able to do. With all that said I am finished with this blog....but thanks to my readers-you know I love you all...and I love comments!!
High Point:Going out to Egg Harbor with Nate and Isabelle this morning...the coffee was especially delicious because I had deprived myself until then:)
Low Point: Molly-Grace's addresses she wanted done...not the most fun or efficient project


Catie said...

WAY TO GO ABS FOR LOSING MOST OF YOUR "BABY WEIGHT"!!!! That is awesome! I am trying to lose some of my "no, I didn't have a baby just gained a few pounds weight" and it is hard work. But i hear you on the runnig thing - i have a new love for running too.

Anonymous said...

Hey! I love reading your makes me happy and reminds me of Taylor. You are an inspiration in the running/lose weight department! I haven't even had a child and i need to go exercise and loose weight (I guess it's somewhere around 22 that you can no longer eat anything you want and sit around and still fit in little clothes!)...have a wonderful day!

Blomgren2 said...

I love the way you write about your life! I feel you on the lounging clothes... I want to feel cute but don't want to "waste" an outfit on being home! Also, we have an Egg Harbor near our new house and I've never been... maybe we'll have to stop by there!? Love you. P.S. Congrats on losing the weight!